Monday, June 28, 2021

[Review] - Cannabis Flower: Banana Cake

Staying on the "new and rare strains" theme, I'll be reviewing Banana Cake, an obscure jewel by Colombian seed company Paisa Seeds.  This indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between Wedding Cake and Monkey Banana with a soaring THC percentage in the 25-30% range.  As stated on the company's website, she's valued for her copious resin production & creamy vanilla/banana nose, making her a great strain for extracts and concentrates.  

The buds I received are some of the most unique I've ever seen, most of them green with one being entirely dark purple!  When I saw that dark bud fall out of the bag after all the greens, I was a bit startled, but when you break into the green ones they're a gorgeous passion fruit-purple on the inside too.  (This is my first time smoking a purple strain, I'm a bit embarrassed to say.  And certainly my 1st time with a mixed green-and-purp one).  The smell is soft citrus with a hint of cream.  No banana in my cut.  Nothing too notable on the aroma front.  

Photo #2:  Banana Cake

Banana Cake's high is as unique as its colorful buds, sneaking up like that old school creeper weed from the '90s before hitting you over the head like a sledgehammer.  It puts you in a giggly headspace like you're in high school smoking your first joint, and it's POTENT.  The high is relaxing and heavy... very indica-like.  No hint of hybrid in this gal.  Like most indicas it doesn't make me sleepy but if you're prone to tiredness from indicas, this one will definitely fit that bill for you as it's a classic indica-dominant strain.  

I wasn't expecting much from this one and it wasn't even on my shopping list--once again, it's something the budtender just threw in as a substitute for something else that was out of stock.  The other "cake" strain I've tried (Papaya Cake) was underwhelming so I saved this for last & my hopes weren't high.  But it ended up being in my Top 3 of this run.  Aside from its unique bag appeal with the purple hue, the effects are like getting KO'd in the best way possible.  I haven't had true creeper weed since my teenage stoner days so this was a real throwback.  The high THC content is evident but not right away so be careful how much you smoke.  I'd recommend Banana Cake for panic disorder, sleep problems, severe pain, epilepsy & other conditions involving overstimulation of the CNS.  Paisa Seeds really put their foot off in this.  

Overall I give Banana Cake a 4.9 of 5 stars for bag appeal, unique effects/appearance & potency.  I had to add 0.1 points for the striking purple color which is only a bonus to the effects, really.  But it's pretty cool.  Anyone looking for a knockout indica should not pass this one up.  Don't fall for the luscious food moniker as you won't be getting much "Banana" or "Cake" here... just pick it up for the effects.    

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Responsible Reproduction = Eco-Fascism?

I noticed a recurring theme during the pandemic:  people who said things like "we are the virus" when pointing out that pollution improved due to lockdowns were labeled "eco-fascists" by fellow leftists.  These folks claimed that such statements inherently blame poor people for reproducing... or something.  Any discussion of (human) population control is off limits within these circles for this reason.  

This begs the question:  Is it really fascist to advocate for responsible reproduction when we're on the precipice of the 6th Great Extinction?  I'm not talking about eugenics or "population control for the poor & feeble-minded," but by as a conscious decision and for EVERYBODY.  In a world plagued by climate crisis, air pollution, extinction of species and new deadly diseases every few years, ignoring overpopulation is like signing our own death warrant.  While melodramatic, cliches like "we are the virus" contain a grain of truth.  A giant one.  A pillar of truth, if you will.

As a member of the Green Party, I realize this view is practically blasphemy.  Their central platform is eco-socialism so advocating for population control at any level is a non-starter.  But should it be?  We preach spaying and neutering of animals to "control the pet population" because doing so is common sense but get all in our feelings when the logic is turned on us, even though we're the ones driving the planet off a cliff.  Don't all living things have just as much right to exist as we do?   I'm not asking anyone to give up eating meat or change their lifestyles drastically (i.e. start eating bugs or living in cage homes to save space); I'm simply proposing having 0-2 kids which is enough to replace the child's parents when they die without adding to the overpopulation problem.  How much restraint is REALLY required there?  

Do or Die

The new normal

If we don't do these things, the sacrifices our kids will have to make will be far greater.  Luxuries we take for granted like heating and air conditioning may be out the window due to climate change literally breaking the power grid, and the food and water supply will be greatly compromised.  Famines will become the norm everywhere.  Climate refugees from all over the world will be at our borders, dwarfing the "immigration crisis" Republicans currently wring their hands about.  The Marshall Islands are already sinking, and the capital of Indonesia--Jakarta--is so far underwater they had to designate a new capital of the country.  These things should be headline news all over the world but seem to be buried by trivial stories on purpose to prevent an all-out panic.  Then again, judging by the way people under-reacted to COVID, I'm sure the denialists would just go on living their selfish lives of convenience.  They already are.  

This trash came from humans.  Every piece.

This fanciful idea that "we don't need fewer people, we just need to change our Western ways and consume less" is great in theory but we haven't proven we can actually do it.  Quite the opposite:  more countries are becoming 'Westernized' as corporations expand their ominous reach and existing people yearn for the comforts we already enjoy.  And honestly, it's a bit hypocritical to tell developing countries they aren't entitled to the same conveniences we have access to even if they're not sustainable or healthy.  Meanwhile technologies like IVF ensure that fewer existing orphans get adopted, as do exorbitant adoption fees (though those who can afford IVF could certainly afford adoption if they were so inclined).  All of these things cause the human population and our attendant pollution problem to increase while driving down animal populations drastically.  This is sheepishly referred to as "habitat loss," though suburban sprawl and human overpopulation are the actual underlying cause of the slaughter.  We've lost 50% of the world's wildlife in the last 40 years as a result of this development.  WE'RE GOING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION AS A SPECIES.  

Simple Solutions

Before anyone chimes in with the oh-so-clever "then start with yourself", nobody need kill themselves.  If you already exist, wonderful.  You had no choice in the matter.  But you DO have a choice in the number of kids you have if you live in a nation where contraception exists.  This goes equally for men and women.  The number of children you have is the single most impactful decision you'll ever make in regards to your carbon footprint.  Read that again.  If my childfree ass was to drive a gas-guzzling SUV, fly in a private jet monthly, eat meat for every meal, mine Bitcoin in my backyard & start farming cows that fart methane all day, it STILL wouldn't do as much CO2 damage as bringing a single child into this world.  And nowhere near as much damage as 3 or 4.  

And that's the thing:  Existing people shouldn't have to restrict their actions for fear of causing the End of Days.  But we're at a point where we're gonna have to choose between quality of life or quantity of life.  If you choose quantity (i.e. number of humans), don't be shocked when quality declines dramatically & permanently for everyone.  It already is.  Remember when I mentioned eating bugs and living in cage homes?  Those are real things that are already happening or being suggested in first-world nations due to food shortages and exorbitant housing prices.  Imagine how bleak things are going to look in 2 or 3 generations.  Do I actually want to mine Bitcoin and start a farty cow farm?  Hell no, but I also don't want to live in government-assigned cages paying for clean air in pods (already happening) while water is traded on Wall Street due to scarcity (also happening).  There is a happy medium somewhere in there.  Americans are notoriously bad at happy mediums & nuance.

Reducing human population may not be a panacea but it is the starting point for healing.  The bare minimum.  Without it, we can't undo or even stop the damage that's currently in progress.  All the breakthroughs we've made as a species, as well as all the majestic beauty of the other living things we share the planet with, will be lost.  And that's not an overstatement.  I strongly recommend watching David Attenborough's special on Netflix if you haven't already.  Don't listen to politicians or industry profiteers when it comes to matters of science.  We did that with COVID and ended up with 600,000+ Americans dead and many millions more dying worldwide.  Listen to the experts who've dedicated their lives to studying nature, science, medicine, biology and related fields.  They have no dog in this race.  Nor do I.  Except, you know, preventing total annihilation of the blue planet.  

I would argue that what we're doing right now is eco-fascism.  Irresponsibly reproducing with no consideration for the environment while hypocritically controlling the animal population is the height of egotism.  Nobody ever said that only poor people should refrain from having kids or limit their family size & if they did, they're misguided.  We're at the point where it's on all of us to do so for the future of our planet and any children we do have.  And it's past time to start having uncomfortable discussions like this if we care anything about the future of the human race beyond our own selfish desires.  

Behavioral Sink Theory

Friday, June 18, 2021

[Review] - Cannabis Flower: Apple Tartz

Apple Tartz is in my Top 3 strains from this dispensary run.  This mouthwatering hybrid hype strain is a cross between the famous Runtz & Apple Fritter, another crowd favorite.  It's so new it doesn't yet have a Leafly or Wikileaf page but what I could dig up was that it was bred by Clearwater Genetics and is caryophyllene dominant, with one page claiming it leans sativa and is a "morning strain" while the other recommends it for "Friday night stress reduction."  Go figure.

As with the other strains from this unique dispensary, this Apple Tartz strain comes with no terpene, cannabinoid or sativa/indica percentage information.  You can see from the pic below that the flowers are squished due to the way they're packaged in a bag instead of a bottle.  The buds are fat and chunky with orange pistils and gleaming terpene globs.  And the smell is as true to the name as could be expected from marijuana:  Spicy, acidic and ever-so-slightly apple-like.  Sort of reminds me of apple cider.  Mixed with weed of course.  I remain astonished at how this plant can produce so many unique aromas but it truly does have a faint Granny Smith smell, y'all.  

Apple Tartz:  Photo #2

I roll it in a raspberry flavored joint and head outside in sweltering heat for a smoke with my sister.  There's a stray dog in our yard that we're trying to tame and he doesn't seem to mind the smell of the bud at all.  This strain gives a nice internal warmth and feeling of well-being without being sedating, making it great for afternoon use.  I feel giggly but in control after finishing the half-joint, happily uplifted for a couple hours.  No major comedown to speak of.  Moderate munchies.  

Runtz was's #1 strain of 2020 so I'd like to try it sometime.  If it's anything like Apple Tartz, it'll be fragrant & pleasure-inducing.  And Apple Fritter sounds absolutely magnificent--a favorite of heavy smokers on sites like Reddit.  There are tons of Runtz crosses and this one definitely stands out, at least among the 8 strains I picked up on this run, a few of which include Alien Fire, Super Skunk, Tangie & Banana Cake.  

Overall I give Apple Tartz a 4.8 of 5 stars for aroma, bag appeal, uniqueness and effects.  While not the most potent or euphoric strain I've ever tried, it had me coming back for more due to its 'happy middle' effects.  Not too stimulating or sedating which is something I look for.  If a strain can make me smile and feel uplifted for an hour or so, that's all I can really ask for.  I'd recommend Apple Tartz for anyone seeking a mouthwatering strain that treats depression, anxiety, pain & PTSD.  Though you may have to grow it yourself at this point as she's pretty rare.  

Blocked by Leftbook!

First world problem alert:  Trivial bitching ahead.  If you're having actual problems and aren't in the mood to hear it, skip this article.  

The other day I was scrolling my FB feed and came across this cutesy meme about sex traffi--er, I mean "sex work" on a Leftbook page I follow:  

The fantasy...

In an uncharacteristic move, I gave into the urge to make a dissenting comment sharing my views on the issue which went something like this:  "We should absolutely treat sex workers with dignity but I disagree with the statement "sex work is work" like any other job."  This set off an avalanche of pissy male comments insinuating I had a stick up my ass including one from an alleged ex-prostitute (also male) who said he didn't regret his time whoring after I said I was "sorry he went through that experience".  At no time was I sarcastic, facetious or otherwise rude.  He asked why I had a problem with sex work to which I replied with statistics on rape, murder, suicide, disease and other dangers of the sex industry and why I felt that promoting it was a negative for the leftist movement and that was that.  

Or so I thought. 

I went back to check later only to find that I couldn't see my comments or respond to the thread anymore as comments were turned off.  Weird!  Had I been so offensive (or effective?) in my argument they just decided to shut the thread down?  Nope.  As it turns out, I'd been blocked from commenting or following the page entirely as I found the next day.  This was my first time being blocked from a whole ass Facebook page, and one that I actually enjoyed/interacted with semi-regularly.  And over a comment that contained no slurs, insults, threats or inflammatory statements whatsoever.  Just a difference of opinion.  

On the one hand, I'm not surprised as the left has a serious problem with shutting down discussions and viewpoints they disagree with.  The whole "de-platforming" thing, which is an $1100 word for censorship.  On the other hand it's infuriating to see a bunch of white men on a supposedly Marxist, pro-Black page promoting sex work--a dangerous trade that supports itself on the backs of poor women and girls--silencing the opinions of women like me.  Women who aren't even saying anything hateful but simply quoting statistics!  How is any movement supposed to function without healthy dialogue and disagreement?  There's nothing democratic about that; it's a fucking dictatorship where power can't be challenged and uncomfortable truths aren't allowed to be voiced.

The reality.

To top it all off, the (all white male) comments disagreeing with and insulting me were left up while mine were removed.  The only reason I include the sex and race of the commenters is because it's relevant to the page itself, which deals in Black leftist & socialist issues while priding itself on its progressiveness.  I don't want to get too specific or give them attention, but yeah.  The more I think about it, the more it feels like an op.  I suspect a lot of these so-called "left" pages are.  We've got one billionaire on his way to being the world's first trillionaire and another attempting to colonize Mars while us lefties are down here treating sex work like a win.  Yet we wonder why we're not further along with basic shit like acquiring mandatory paid sick leave & universal healthcare?  

By all means, do what you have to do to survive but that doesn't mean we have to make those dangerous, demeaning things a central part of the movement.  We deserve better.  If you wouldn't flaunt slaving in a coalmine or spending 6 days a week shoveling shit in the sewer, why would you make prostitution a point of pride?  It's more hazardous than either of those professions, as is working in the porn industry.  I could quote statistics all day but facts seem to bore or irritate people so I'm done with that.  You have access to the same information as I do via search engines.  It should be common sense:  nobody dreams of being a sex worker when they grow up or teaches their kid to be one, yet here we are trying to normalize it.  Who benefits?

Have we gotten so used to existing in late stage capitalist hell that we're promoting things like selling humans as a legit profession?  Shouldn't we focus that energy and rage toward our oppressors instead of inward or at each other?  The elites are laughing at our peasant mindset while the next Jeffrey Epstein buys all the little girls he can recruit.  Don't make it easy for them, ffs.  (Unless you ARE one of those buyers of humans, which I suspect some of you who support sex work so vocally are.  Consuming porn counts as well.  Most of us have been guilty of that at times, myself included).  

In case I haven't made it clear, nothing I've said here equals "looking down on sex workers" or promoting their incarceration.  Quite the contrary.  I see them as victims of poverty and circumstance, usually a lifetime of abuse and trauma beyond anything I could conceive.  And I certainly don't think they belong in prison, filling our already-crowded cells for simply trying to survive and make money off their own bodies or worse, being forced to do so by a pimp.  It's the pimps and johns who belong in prison.  The people who buy and sell human beings like dogs for a few minutes of sick pleasure.  

This whole episode is just one more reason I'm politically homeless.  Both "sides" are full of narcissists and hypocrites with cult mindsets where heretics are banished for speaking out of turn.  There's no room for independent thought or questioning the party line.  The right considers women private property and the left considers us public property.  Left or right, we remain Under His Eye.  

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Harm Reduction: Spotting Counterfeit Pills

Recently I was popping codeine tablets out of their blister packs and came across a defect:  one pill was cut in half inside its blister.  This sent my OCD mind into a tailspin, researching counterfeit medications from around the world.  Previously I assumed that if something came in its original box inside a sealed blister pack it couldn't be fake.  Apparently that's not the case.  

Before you freak out, the problem with these overseas "fakes" is not the same as America's street pills that often contain pressed fentanyl or other heavy drugs made to look like Xanax, Percocet or hydrocodone.  No, in countries like South Africa or Malaysia, medications such as Panadol (Tylenol) or codeine-containing meds are sometimes counterfeited using things like baking soda or Plaster of Paris and contain lower doses of the stated active ingredients which is still problematic but not quite as deadly.  

When we talk about counterfeits, we're not talking about generic or off-brand pills which are perfectly safe medications made by less well-known pharmaceutical companies than the big brands like Eli Lilly or Pfizer.  Counterfeits are fake pills made to look like the real medications they mimic.  They contain a combination of wrong ingredients pressed into the shape of the real thing.  There seems to be some confusion about this when it comes up online.  

(This article contains photos and excerpts from various articles I found around the internet.  Direct quotes and lifted photos are used.  If any author has a problem with what's re-posted here, please contact me and I'll take it down.  My intent is to educate and spread knowledge to keep people safe).  

Can you spot the fakes?  (Answer below).

The clues are subtle: the tablet at the top has a slightly longer 'f' in the company logo, while the bottom two tablets are a greyish blue and have rougher edges.

The tablet at the top is a genuine medicine. The two lower tablets are fake. They could be diluted, contaminated, or even just chalk.

A counterfeit medicine could have:

  • no active ingredient
  • substandard ingredients
  • undeclared ingredients
  • illegal or dangerous ingredients
  • incorrect dosage (too much, too little or variation in dose across tablets)
  • contaminants from unhygienic manufacture.


Misspellings ("ClaxoSmithCline")

Rough edges on Malaysian pills = counterfeit

Nguyen Van Gia, the owner of a drugstore on Hai Ba Trung street, said painkillers/antipyretic drugs are the most easily counterfeited and can easily be sold because they are usually sold without a doctor’s prescription. 

Gia said the drug counterfeiting technology now is sophisticated. “You just need to make some phone calls to Guangzhou, China to order the machines for counterfeiting. Chinese partners will also provide wrappings of some well-known pharmacy firms in the world,” he said. 

“They either 100 percent counterfeit the drug, i.e there is no active element in the drugs, or make the drug with the wrong dose. For example, a drug product is declared as containing 500 mg of active element, but in fact, it has 400 mg or lower,” he said.  --- Excerpt from Vietnamese article

Excellent guide to spotting counterfeits

Contrast this with America's counterfeit pills, such as these "Adderall" tablets made by Mexican cartels and trafficked into the U.S.  They actually contain meth as the active ingredient.  This is a direct consequence of the drug war and is not common with over-the-counter medications like low-dose codeine, tramadol or Viagra medicines in countries like Peru or India.

Counterfeit Adderall tablets on top

So while you may receive counterfeit medication from overseas, it's still safer than buying prescription black market pills in the U.S. or Canada due to the rampant problems with fentanyl and other dangerous adulterants in our drug supply.  This goes equally for the dark web and your local drug dealer.  If you don't personally see your dealer walk out of the pharmacy with the prescription, assume it's fake.  People are dying from counterfeit meds at an alarming rate here, and no one's immune.  Celebrities including Prince, Shock G, Lil' Peep, Tom Petty, Mac Miller & Michelle McNamara died from accidental fentanyl overdoses in recent years.  

The only way to be 100% certain what's in your drugs is to test them.  There are labs that will do this for you if you send in a sample, or you can buy a reagent testing kit for yourself.  There is no foolproof way to "eyeball" it and know for certain that what you've got is the real deal, but using the tips above you can rule out the obvious counterfeits.  

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Saturday, June 5, 2021

Getting a Stimulant Prescription

Stimulant Summer couldn't be off to a better start for this little blogger.  My psych doctor gave me the green light to ask my physician about ADHD meds--something I've waited a lifetime to do.  Why?  Fear of being labeled a drug-seeker or just not knowing how to go about it.  Insecurity.  It's not everyday a grown-ass woman with no outward signs of hyperactivity walks into a clinic and talks about these things with her family doctor.  It feels awkward.  I've seen my physician for everything from weird rashes to ear infections to other embarrassing conditions I'd rather not get into here, but for some reason ADHD was off limits.  It's still thought of as a condition of hyper little boys in classrooms, not shy adult women in mid-life.  That's precisely why so many women go undiagnosed with ADHD, autism and other developmental disorders though--we present differently and have a hard time asking for help, thus don't get "clocked" by parents, teachers or medical professionals as often.  A vicious cycle.  

Better late than never though.

To compound the problem, we're in the middle of an opioid (and meth where I live) epidemic, making the anti-drug attitudes in the medical industry more severe.  Even before things reached a fever pitch I saw how friends were treated when seeking help for anxiety or ADHD, being forced to undergo recurring urine screens or put on less effective meds that made things WORSE until they just gave up.  These weren't drug-seeking types but upstanding, contributing members of society... so what chance have I got?  Just kidding.  Kinda.  

It took my psych doctor over 3 years to get comfortable with the idea of giving me his blessing about taking these meds--using the names of stimulants like Adderall & Dexedrine by name--and now I have to jump through the same hoops with a physician, hoping it goes faster with him.  But it's SOMETHING.  A ray of hope in a life that's fallen so far off track I could write a book about it.  If I had the focus or motivation, that is.  Bathing twice a week and vacuuming my room once every 3 months are the degree of symptoms I'm dealing with here, and they're not helped by the 20+ other psych meds I've tried, nor therapy.  ADD is undoubtedly a factor but lethargic depression and other things that are helped immensely by a stimulant play just as big a role.  

Getting a stimulant prescription would allow me to throw the Benzedrex in the trash permanently--a substance I've used daily in small doses for 9 years with no idea how it affects my cardiovascular health. There are no studies on oral propylhexedrine's effects in the long-term.  It's impossible to dose accurately and expensive.  No telling how much money I've spent on these nasty inhalers that smell like menthol and unwashed vagina.  In addition, I could see myself relegating my codeine use to the evenings and just sticking to uppers in the daytime if given the right medication.  This would be my ideal dosing schedule:

Morning:  Stimulant pill (regular dose)

Afternoon:  Stimulant pill (microdose), cannabis - smoked

Evening:  Stimulant pill (microdose), codeine

Night:  Codeine, cannabis - edible

Right now I take codeine from morning to bedtime along with Benzedrex all day until 5 p.m.  Not ideal.  My liver must be stressed from the acetaminophen in the codeine tabs and I could benefit from lowering my tolerance.  And, let's be real:  a clearer head in general would be nice.  And stimulant meds could provide that in spades.  It's the missing puzzle piece I've longed for forever, trying desperately to replace low dopamine with anything that crosses my path.  A little piece of Schedule II magic in pill form.  

Despite my general enthusiasm, I'm a microdoser when it comes to stimulants.  Even 10mg of Adderall at once would make my heart uncomfortable so I'd break that into smaller doses and take it over the course of the day.  As with weed, my tolerance stays low with stims over time & too much is not pleasant so the risk of abuse is incredibly low, though I did go through some wild periods with empathogens like 4-FA & mephedrone in my 20's.  Those were highly addictive and "more-ish" where I don't find plain amphetamine to be.  

So yeah, my Stimulant Summer is off to a promising start.  Will keep you posted.  

Update:  Doctor's appointment made to discuss "ADHD meds" (my words on the phone to assistant).  Will know more by end of the month.  Stay tuned.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

[Review] - Hemp Flower: Five Leaf Wellness - Tonic Berry

Five Leaf Wellness is a hemp company located in Chattanooga, Tennessee that sells a variety of products ranging from plain flower to pet treats & hemp concentrate.  If you read my previous review, you'll know that I was highly impressed with their Mendo x Royal Kush flower so I'm going into this one with high hopes.  For the downlow on Five Leaf's pricing, packaging & shipping, see that review linked above.  It's all covered there.

Tonic Berry has 4 reviews on the website at the time of this writing, all of them 5-star and glowing.  This strain is a hybrid from the indoor-grown category and contains 20.5% CBDa with 0.6% THCa and a total of 23.8% cannabinoids.  (View full lab analysis here).  Like the Mendo x Royal Kush, it's hand-trimmed and has a ton of bag appeal with long, dense buds covered in trichomes.  The aroma is sour and hits the nose in the same place as fresh lemon or lime zest with a hint of pine when broken up.  (The stench is nowhere near as strong and lingering as the other strain, thankfully, as I need to be discreet).  And it breaks up beautifully due to the immaculate dry job--my #1 concern with hemp.  The website lists its parents as Cannatonic and Berry Blossom.  

Tonic Berry

Now for the effects.  A joint of this burns evenly though the hits are a little less smooth than the Mendo x Royal Kush by a tiny margin.  The taste is mild as are the effects.  My head feels quiet and focused when I've finished the roach; no impairment whatsoever.  Would be a great option for any time of day or evening.  

For those who refer to hemp as "headache weed," you couldn't be more wrong.  This isn't merely low-quality marijuana but high quality CBD dominant bud... there is a difference.  When I suffered migraines daily this stuff was a lifesaver so that theory is out the window.  It won't get you high but that's kinda the point.  Some folks are actually seeking the medicinal effects without the mind-bending effects of THC.  Me?  I use it to fill out my weed joints and balance THC's effects but the possible uses are endless.  I can't really tell a difference in terms of subjective effects when it comes to hemp strains (i.e. stimulating, relaxing) but this burns well and is high quality for sure.  You couldn't find better CBD bud in a medical dispensary, basically.  Not sure where the "Berry" name came from though as there's not even a hint of berry smell or taste--she's all citrus and pine.  But this is a great find in a market full of "Suver Haze" and "Lifter" replicas.

All in all, I give Tonic Berry 4.8 of 5 stars for price, effects & bag appeal.  While slightly harsher & less potent in the smell department than the Mendo x Royal Kush, this strain is top-shelf CBD flower in every regard.  You'd be a fool to pass this strain up when it's available on Five Leaf Wellness's website. 


It goes without saying.  There's nothing I can say about the MAGA cult or Christofascists that hasn't already been said a thousand t...