Thursday, June 3, 2021

[Review] - Hemp Flower: Five Leaf Wellness - Tonic Berry

Five Leaf Wellness is a hemp company located in Chattanooga, Tennessee that sells a variety of products ranging from plain flower to pet treats & hemp concentrate.  If you read my previous review, you'll know that I was highly impressed with their Mendo x Royal Kush flower so I'm going into this one with high hopes.  For the downlow on Five Leaf's pricing, packaging & shipping, see that review linked above.  It's all covered there.

Tonic Berry has 4 reviews on the website at the time of this writing, all of them 5-star and glowing.  This strain is a hybrid from the indoor-grown category and contains 20.5% CBDa with 0.6% THCa and a total of 23.8% cannabinoids.  (View full lab analysis here).  Like the Mendo x Royal Kush, it's hand-trimmed and has a ton of bag appeal with long, dense buds covered in trichomes.  The aroma is sour and hits the nose in the same place as fresh lemon or lime zest with a hint of pine when broken up.  (The stench is nowhere near as strong and lingering as the other strain, thankfully, as I need to be discreet).  And it breaks up beautifully due to the immaculate dry job--my #1 concern with hemp.  The website lists its parents as Cannatonic and Berry Blossom.  

Tonic Berry

Now for the effects.  A joint of this burns evenly though the hits are a little less smooth than the Mendo x Royal Kush by a tiny margin.  The taste is mild as are the effects.  My head feels quiet and focused when I've finished the roach; no impairment whatsoever.  Would be a great option for any time of day or evening.  

For those who refer to hemp as "headache weed," you couldn't be more wrong.  This isn't merely low-quality marijuana but high quality CBD dominant bud... there is a difference.  When I suffered migraines daily this stuff was a lifesaver so that theory is out the window.  It won't get you high but that's kinda the point.  Some folks are actually seeking the medicinal effects without the mind-bending effects of THC.  Me?  I use it to fill out my weed joints and balance THC's effects but the possible uses are endless.  I can't really tell a difference in terms of subjective effects when it comes to hemp strains (i.e. stimulating, relaxing) but this burns well and is high quality for sure.  You couldn't find better CBD bud in a medical dispensary, basically.  Not sure where the "Berry" name came from though as there's not even a hint of berry smell or taste--she's all citrus and pine.  But this is a great find in a market full of "Suver Haze" and "Lifter" replicas.

All in all, I give Tonic Berry 4.8 of 5 stars for price, effects & bag appeal.  While slightly harsher & less potent in the smell department than the Mendo x Royal Kush, this strain is top-shelf CBD flower in every regard.  You'd be a fool to pass this strain up when it's available on Five Leaf Wellness's website. 

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