Friday, July 31, 2020

Preparing for the Darkest Winter

As awful as the Summer was, the second half of 2020 is likely to be far worse in regards to the coronavirus.  BARDA whistleblower Rick Bright has stated that the Fall & Winter of 2020 are likely to be the "darkest period in recent American memory".  Yikes.  With the USPS already greatly backed up due to funding issues, this could spell disaster for those who rely on the mail for their substances of choice.  That's surprisingly a lot of people.  While buying drugs online has its own share of risks, it's also safer in some ways than going to your local drug dealer.  Silk Road-esque online drug markets allow customers to check buyer reviews & vet vendors before buying as well as shopping from the comfort of their own homes.  This cuts out the risk of getting pulled over with drugs in your car, which is how most users get caught.  It also reduces the likelihood of buying drugs cut with fentanyl & other adulterants.

But this article isn't intended to promote one method of drug-buying over another.  The intention is to remind you that, no matter how you purchase your substances of choice, you need to be planning ahead to what's likely to be a very chaotic & scary time in the coming months.  Save money & buy what you need NOW rather than waiting...especially if you rely on the postal service to deliver your stuff.  Instead of hoarding toilet paper, buy drugs in advance of when you'll actually use them.  But do it responsibly and orderly.  Keep your house clean & organized so you don't get in trouble if a cop happens to drop by.  But don't give them a reason to.  The dumbest move you could make is to host loud parties or fight with your significant other with lots of drugs in your house.  Be discreet.  One thing you don't want is to end up in jail or prison during COVID/flu season.

When shopping for the 2nd half of 2020, don't just pick up recreational drugs.  Get all the OTC & prescription meds you anticipate needing in case you get sick or can't make it to the store.  Things like Nyquil, Afrin nasal spray, ibuprofen, Imodium, Benadryl & whatever else you take when you're sick or in pain.  Even if you don't get hit with corona, you will likely get some strain of cold, flu or stomach virus because that's just what happens in the cold part of the year.  If you're a supplement person, grab some of those now.  Whatever will keep you out of your doctor's office or the store aisles when sickness is at its worst.  Every 'emergency run' you make to Walgreen's or CVS increases your risk of falling ill and spreading sickness to others.  Masks help greatly but staying away from sick people (social distancing) is even better.  While doomsday prepping, stock up on dry goods, face masks & hand sanitizer with at least 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol.  That's the minimum amount needed to neutralize coronaviruses like COVID-19.

If this sounds a little like Chicken Little / Sky Is Falling overthinking, you may be right.  But better to be cautious than cavalier in a pandemic.  Drug users especially need to take extra precautions to ensure our health & safety from all the pitfalls of living in a militarized police state where drugs are illegal.   Once kids get back in the classroom, immune systems start falling like dominoes every year--viruses & bacteria start flying and there's no turning back.  It's a matter of time before COVID cases soar even higher than they already are & we're on lockdown again.  Plan accordingly & get what you need so you can at least be high while the world burns.  

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Sunday, July 26, 2020

[Review] - Hemp Flower: Horn Creek Hemp Co. - Lifter (7 grams)

Vendor:  Horn Creek Hemp Co.
Location:  Oregon, USA
Items:  CBD flower, gummies, pre-rolls & kief
Rating:  4.6 of 5 stars

Since I've been smoking so much during quarantine, it's already time to buy more hemp flower.  I was perfectly happy with the stuff I got last time from Canna Haus Farms but for the sake of blogging I decided to branch out & try a different vendor.  After about 45 minutes of shopping, I settled on Horn Creek Hemp Co, a company based outside Jacksonville, Oregon. 

My specifications are simple:  High-CBD hemp that's well dried & trimmed, preferably somewhat cured so it burns smoothly.  No mold or bugs.  But the well-dried part is really the biggest sticking point for me because I'm not looking for the "best" hemp in terms of CBD content or whatever--I just need something to fill my joints because I can't tolerate a full joint of medical-grade cannabis.  Lame, I know.  But here we are. 

Fattest Lifter bud

I went with Horn Creek Hemp because they have a variety of items at many price points, none of which seems excessive.  Many websites I visited only sell "premium" buds that cost $40+ for 5-7 grams, which is outside my range.  Those are marijuana prices if we're being honest.  But Horn Creek has 4 categories:  "High CBD Hemp Flower" (big premium nugs); "Kief & CBD Products" (gummies, kief & pre-rolls); "Quick-Dried Hemp Flower" (buds dried in 24-hours sold at a discount) and "Sale Items" (assortment of small buds & other discounted items).  I bought my stuff from the "High CBD Hemp Flower" category.  Big fat buds.  

The selection is impressive--many strains to choose from including Suver Haze, Sour Space Candy, Elektra & Special Sauce to name a few.  I settled on Lifter, a popular strain that's the lovechild of Haze x Special Sauce x ERB with a CBDa content of 19.5%.  It had a ton of positive reviews & the photos looked bomb so why not?  7 grams cost $27.50 after applying my discount from Reddit's /r/CBDflower spreadsheet (discount code:  "HORNCREEK25").  Plus, I got 3 free pre-rolls after answering a one-question survey about where I heard of the site.  They also threw in a hemp wick on top of that.  Bonus! 

THC disclaimer, thank you card & beeswax hemp wick

My order arrived under a week after ordering.  I got First Class shipping because Priority was $8.  The size of the buds is quite impressive.  They're fat and smell strongly of citrus and pine.  There are very few to no seeds which is a big plus.  The only real downside is that they're extremely sticky and damp-feeling.  I can't tell if they're poorly dried or just super sticky but they don't break up easily and the stems don't snap like they should.  

I take them out of their pouch, break them up into smaller buds and let them set out in an open jar to dry them in the hopes that'll speed up the process & prevent mildew growth.  The package says they're "machine trimmed & outdoor air-dried".  I assume they're not cured at all.  No idea if that's the norm for hemp but my last order of small buds was much more thoroughly dried.  Gonna have to knock a few points off for this since "well-dried" is one of my main requirements.  

Luckily I still have some of my old hemp left so I have plenty of time to dry & cure this stuff.  But if you need something that's ready to smoke NOW, you might wanna go with another vendor.  It burns in a bowl but not worth a shit in a joint which is my preferred method of consumption.  To remedy the situation I leave the buds in an open jar during the day & put the lid on at night to do a half-assed dry/cure job myself.  When I finally pick out a bud to smoke, it burns okay-ish but still has a way to go in the cure department.  

I'm incredibly grateful for the generosity and freebies as well as the fast shipping.  That said, I can't let the poor drying/curing job slide which is why I'm giving Horn Creek Hemp Co.'s Lifter a 4.6 of 5 stars for quality.  The price was very fair overall, they just need to work on their drying technique.  I  haven't weighed it after doing my DIY dry/cure but I assume it lost some weight too.  Bummer.  This wasn't even their fast-dried kiln product so I can't imagine what that must look like.    

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Friday, July 24, 2020

[Review] - Cannabis Flower: Cookie Wreck

I've saved the most potent strain for my final review in this series:  Cookie Wreck.  This strain is a hybrid cross between Trainwreck & Girl Scout Cookie--two powerhouses in their own right.  It was created by CannaVenture Seeds & is promoted as a pain-relieving relaxant that's best reserved for night-time use by veteran tokers due to its high THC content (upwards of 20% on average).

I originally wanted Sequoia Strawberry but they were fresh out at the dispo, so they substituted Cookie Wreck.  Not optimal since I'm more of a non-limonene Sativa lover, but what they hey?  I was a fan of Girl Scout Cookie when I lived on the West Coast so might as well give this a try.  I got a gram for $5.  Upon popping the lid, I'm greeted by a stout stench of overripe citrus fruit & skunk that actually does smell a bit like vanilla cookies when broken up.  My sample contains a whopping 25.9% THC & 0.1% CBD; the most prominent terps are limonene, b-caryophyllene & humulene.  I'm no limonene fan so whether I'll like this strain remains to be seen.  Terpenes are the metric by which I predict which strains I'll like.  I suggest you do the same.

It's poorly dried which is a bummer.  (What's up with these medical strains not being up to par right now?  Nobody wants to roll wet weed up in a joint but I try my best).  The flowers are compact & fat like Indicas, though she's described as a 'nighttime Hybrid' on  Since limonene is the most abundant terpene, I assume Cookie Wreck will cause some drowsiness because that tends to be the effect I get despite it being promoted as an alertness aid.  Hence why I avoid it.  I hate being tired.  But I attempt to go into this with an open mind, not reading any reviews before trying her out.  I never do anyway because it's too easy to influence the experience.

But I digress.

The joint burnt erratically but eventually evened out by the end.  I could already feel myself getting wasted by the last 1/3rd of the roach so I put it out a bit prematurely.  Usually when I get this high there's some anxiety, but not this time.  I went inside & watched a bunch of Youtube vids while giggling happily--totally immersed.  My body is deeply relaxed but not tired & I feel kinda horny.  This is a great mashup of heavy body effects & mental alertness, though it leans more toward the relaxing end of the spectrum.  Can definitely feel the Girl Scout Cookie influence in there.

Vanilla ice cream Cookie Wreck joint

The comedown is smooth & gentle.  No moodiness or unwanted sedation.  I'm pleasantly surprised by this strain as I'm usually not a big hybrid fan.  The lack of paranoia & sleepiness is awesome given the high limonene content.  I'm giving Cookie Wreck a 4.9 of 5 stars for potency, quality of effects & price.  I'd recommend it for anyone who wants a social lubricant or something to unwind with after a hard day, or anybody with a high tolerance.  That 25% THC content is coming through like a ton of bricks.  The high is lasting a long time too.  Really getting my money's worth with this strain.

After a second go-round with it, I'm confirming what I thought the first time:  Cookie Wreck is unadulterated FUN.  Don't pass this by if you run into it, especially if you're a fan of Girl Scout Cookie.  While high THC isn't always an indicator of a pleasant experience, with Cookie Wreck it is.  This is my favorite strain of the 5 I picked up this time which I was not expecting.  Might have to open my mind to more hybrids or, dare I say, limonene-rich strains?  😲

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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Digital Payment Methods for a Cashless Society

Since the onset of the pandemic, there's been a shortage of coins & a reluctance to use paper money due to the transfer of germs.  Combined with the increase in online shopping during lockdown, this has sped up the pre-existing race toward what conspiracy theorists deem a "cashless society".  This is both a real thing and a concept that's been overblown in its potential evilness by Bible thumpers who think it somehow portends the end of times & by older folks who are scared of change in general.

I'm not here to debate whether phasing out paper money is a bad thing--in fact I think it would be bad but I also don't think it's happening any time soon.  What I want to discuss are some of the new cryptocurrencies & alternative payment methods I've recently gotten into.  Turn back now if you think these cashless payments are of the devil.

lol See what I mean?!  Doin' too much.

Cash App

First is Cash App, a mobile payment service that allows users to transfer money virtually using an app.  However, I don't have a cell phone and still had no problem setting up an account on my Chromebook so anyone with a computer can use it.  It's got the benefit of being completely anonymous if you set your username to something other than your real name too.  (Mine is 'TS Kane' on the app; clearly not my real name.  You can change it at any time).  Your name is different than your cashtag, which is the thing you give people to send you money.  My cashtag is '$apphicomrade'.  You can find my full donation links at the end of this article as an example.

To get money out of your Cash App account, simply transfer it to another Cash account via the app or email, then withdraw via the Cash App Visa debit card ("Cash Card"), transfer it to any local bank or withdraw it from an ATM.  You can also invest in the stock market, buy/sell Bitcoins (see below) and even receive your stimulus checks with Cash App.  Dope!

Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin (BTC) is a decentralized digital currency created in 2008 with a wildly fluctuating value (1 bitcoin currently = $9,213).  The whole 'digital currency' concept is a lot more complicated than regular online payment methods, but you don't have to be a whiz in this subject to use them.  Like Cash App, you simply download the Bitcoin Wallet to your phone or computer & begin sending/receiving coins using your unique alphanumeric code.  Mine is: 18cwb3qFkGghVqqzNSX59EFypzzF8Dd7Vg.  There's also Bitcoin Cash which has its own benefits & drawbacks but is rather similar & has the same basic premise.  Both BTC & BTC Cash are operated through the same app--the Bitcoin Wallet.

Turning Bitcoins into real money is a bit harder than with Cash App.  Some merchants accept Bitcoin with more accepting it all the time but it's still not the norm.  Third-party brokers like Coinbase & Kraken can transfer Bitcoins to your bank account in a matter of days, or you can use the peer-to-peer method to sell them using any payment method you want.  Here's a full guide on how to do that.  You'll want to research it a bit first if using the P2P method to avoid getting scammed.  Bitcoin is completely anonymous when buying online; a net positive in many ways but also potentially negative if you get ripped off.  That's why there's the escrow system.  This all sounds overwhelming at first but once you download the Bitcoin wallet you're on your way.  You don't need to learn all the details unless you get into investing or making big purchases.

Non-Anonymous Methods

Paypal is a non-anonymous virtual payment method that's been around many years.  I've used my personal account successfully since 2005 without problems, though there are countless reports of Paypal locking/freezing peoples' accounts & preventing them from accessing their funds without reason.  This is unacceptable & makes me reluctant to keep money in my Paypal balance, so I just keep a debit card attached.  That way I can still use Paypal without letting them have access to my actual money.

The plus side of Paypal is that you can dispute a transaction with any vendor or customer who rips you off and, in most cases, you will be refunded if there's any evidence you didn't receive your item or payment.  I've only had to do it a handful of times over the many years I've used Paypal & have never lost a dispute.  The dispute process is much easier than dealing with credit card companies, banks or any of that.  It's all done online--no phone calls necessary.

Some other non-anonymous payment methods include traditional ones like checks, money orders & debit/credit cards as well as newer alternatives such as Google Pay.

What are your favorite cashless payment methods?  Are you for or against a cashless society?  Personally, I think it's best to keep eggs in several baskets when it comes to storing your currency:  a little cash here, a little money in the bank there, a little digital currency over there.  If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that things can change in the blink of an eye with our economy and nothing is promised...even the things we once took for granted.  Better to be prepared than caught out.

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Monday, July 20, 2020

[Review] - Cannabis Flower: Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner is best known as the alter-ego of comic book hero The Incredible Hulk.  (I don't read comics so I had to Google that bit of info, thankyouverymuch).  The weed strain named after the hulking character is a Sativa-dominant hybrid (60% sativa) created by Los-Angeles based breeder Dark Horse Genetics.  Bruce Banner has 3 main phenotypes:  #1, #3 and #5.  I don't know which particular one mine is as it doesn't say on the container or website.  Just assuming it's "plain" Bruce Banner.  The vendor's website says it's rich in linalool, b-caryophyllene & myrcene.  

I paid $5 for a half-gram at my local dispo.  This sample is on the low end of THC for this strain, containing 16.64% THC & 0.40% CBD.  Fine with me since I'm not chasing big numbers in that department.  I'm seeing lots of rave reviews claiming that BB is the 'perfect balance' between indica & sativa' and calling it a potent, smashing strain on various sites.  It's a 60/30 hybrid created by crossing OG Kush & Strawberry Diesel that leans toward the more energizing end of the spectrum.  Mmmm.

Forgot to take a pic of mine.  Here's a pic of Bruce Banner from Leafly.

This is by far the stankiest strain I've had.  Hard to explain other than to say it's not a pleasant smell.  It's both loud and rank, sort of like something unmentionable...perhaps a tonsil stone or rotting broccoli?  I know, gross.  But I can't think of a way to capture the smell in words.  It's also poorly dried but very pretty in terms of the trim job & bud shape.  The nugs are almost foxtailed but not quite.  The joint burns pretty evenly regardless.  

The high is well-balanced & potent.  I'm feeling super high by end of joint and way more uplifted than with Blueberry Headband.  I'm smiley and somewhat focused/motivated but my body is chill & there's no pain in sight.  Anxiety is also low despite drinking Benzedrex juice all day.  Feels sort of reminiscent of Maui Wowie in terms of balanced up/down effects.  If I were recommending this for medical use, I'd tell people with anxiety, depression & pain to give it a whirl.  

2 Bruce Banner joints (Blackberry Brandy)

Upon first impression, I'm giving Bruce Banner a 4.8 of 5 stars for effects, potency & price.  The smell was grody & the dry/cure job was shit, but it's an attractive bud & gets the job done in the happiness department.  It kinda feels like a cross between Golden Goat and Maui Wowie--solid smile-inducing weed.  Not overly stimulating or euphoric but will put a smile on your face.  The comedown isn't terribly exhausting either which is a bonus if you're looking for a daytime strain.  My eyelids are definitely feeling heavy though, ha.  

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Panactol Price Gouging

If you've been buying Panactol-Codein Plus, Tatanol or other Vietnamese brands of codeine on eBay, you may have noticed the recent price gouging taking place with domestic vendors.  Rather than selling entire boxes, they're selling by the blister pack or even individual pill & marking the price way up so that 100 tablets (one box) of Panactol costs well over $100.  Fuuuuuck that.

I know beggars can't be choosers, but here's the thing:  if we give into this blatant price gouging, where will it stop?  Soon we may not be able to afford even 1 blister of 10 pills.  The only solution is to stop buying from these shady domestic vendors & instead opt for the Vietnam-based sellers who are not marking their wares up despite all the Covid-related postal problems.  One box should cost $45 + $10 shipping at most.  If you plan ahead & order in advance of when you'll need them, you can save a lot of money.  Most overseas vendors ensure re-shipment or refund if your order is confiscated at customs also.  Support these honest vendors with your business so they'll stick around.  Even when eBay removes their listings, they tend to keep in contact via email so you're set.  They're truly good, honest people.  The jerks marking up their meds are not.

As always, avoid ordering multiple boxes at once if you're worried about unwanted law enforcement attention.  100-200 tablets should be the maximum if you order from overseas.  Any more and you could be charged with bigger, worse things regardless of your intentions.  Of course there's ALWAYS risk when ordering something of this nature so keep your house clean.  Just be smart & don't abuse the privilege.  There are real pain patients out there who depend on these vendors for our literal existence.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

[Review] Cannabis Flower: Blueberry Headband

Blueberry Headband is an Indica-dominant hybrid that's less famous than either of its individual namesakes...neither of which is used to make the most popular phenotype of the strain.  While there are many renditions, the most popular was created by NorCal's Emerald Triangle Seeds & is not a simple cross between Blueberry & Headband but between 4 different strains ('76 Blueberry, Emerald OG Kush, Cali Sour D & Pre-98 Bubba Kush).  The aforementioned strain is a 50/50 hybrid with balanced effects that lean slightly energizing.  My cut purports to be 70/30 Indica dominant so I'm not entirely sure which version I've got.

Blueberry Headband is popular in Colorado according to Denver-based Westword Magazine.  My sample comes in at 21.6% THC & is rich in b-caryophyllene, humulene & terpinolene.  I paid $5 for a half-gram.  The nugs are dense & cone-shaped like little Christmas trees, and the smell is soft & floral with dank earthy undertones.  Unlike some of the other strains I picked up, this one is dried & cured optimally & has nice bag appeal.

The taste is actually kinda pleasant--herbal but not too green or grassy.  The joint burnt fast but I was able to get sufficiently stoned anyway.  The effects are heavy & hit behind the eyes initially (probably where the 'headband' moniker comes from).  I feel dreamy & moderately couchlocked, though I did feel a bit sleepy before smoking already.  I could see myself eating a big meal & drifting off to sleep after a bowl or joint of this.

The comedown was honestly pretty drowsy & ass-draggy for me, but again, I'd just eaten a big meal so I don't know how much was due to the weed.  I'm not a fan of sleepiness since I already struggle with chronic fatigue so that's a big negative, but if you like a strain that'll send you into sleepyland this should do the trick.  The eye pressure was kinda unwanted too since I have migraines but it wasn't anything too extreme. 

Container + grinder

Upon first review I'm giving Blueberry Headband a 4.6 of 5 stars for effects alone, though the bag appeal, taste & cure were impressive.  My opinion could very well change with further samplings so please check back.  (This happened with the Golden Goat & East Coast Diesel strains to the point I changed their whole ratings).  As with psychedelic trips, weed experiences seem to be based as much on a person's mood & setting as the product itself.

This is a solid strain that gets the job done much like 3-point beer will get you drunk but there's just not much 'soul' to it.  Some hybrid strains be like that.  At least the price was right.  We'll see what future sessions will reveal about Blueberry Headband.  Check back for updates.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

[Review] - Cannabis Flower: Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie is a vintage sativa-dominant strain that originated in the 1970s on the Hawaiian island of Maui after which it’s named. The strain has been cultivated for more than four decades & can reach over 10 ft. in height.  It has herbal, pine & peppery terpenes according to which are said to give an almost tropical pineapple flavor.  Before Maui Wowie, weed was stuck in the single-digit THC range for the most part.  The strain was a revelation for the hippies who ended up partaking in Hawaii with the locals during a big party on the island of Maui.  It tends to have around 15% THC on average.  

This is the first "classic" strain I've ever tried which is exciting.  I've always fetishized landraces for their vintage appeal.  They tend to be harder to grow, taller & take much longer due to their sativa-dominance & are thus less common these days.  Technically this is NOT a landrace but a direct descendant of the "Hawaiian" landrace strain (that's literally its name).  Still, the Wowie is old & unique enough to be considered a near-landrace by most heads.  Hence the "classic" designation by me.  It's certainly older than most of today's strains & comparable to classics like Haze or Skunk #1.  

This Maui Wowie was sold at a discount at the dispo & didn't look too impressive on the website but nevertheless, I persisted.  It grows naturally in the lava-rich soil of Hawaii & is said to produce a euphoric, relaxing high that goes great with surfing & other beachy activities.  My cut claims to have 24% THC, 0.04% CBD and is rich in myrcene, b-caryophyllene & limonene.  

Anyway, the smell is pretty stale.  Appearance is downright poor, with the nugs being harder & crispier than the hemp buds I've currently got.  They're also small af.  But they were cheap ($2.50 for half a gram and $5 for a gram) so I wasn't expecting much.  But at a medical dispensary you should probably have higher standards than this.  I don't know if it's overly dried or what but I'm not impressed with the bag appeal.  And for some reason I decided to pick up a full gram rather than half a gram of this.  Ugh.  I guess the effects will either speak for themselves or not.  

Maui Wowie in a raspberry joint

As always, I roll up some weed in a joint...this time with about 50/50 Maui Wowie and hemp flower.  I put a little more cannabis (THC) in this time since it looked so weak.  I spark up around 5 p.m. on a day that's 103 degrees in the shade with terrible wind & humidity.  Blech.  Surprisingly, the joint burns pretty evenly despite the wind & the super dry texture of the bud.  I feel my cramps melting away by the end of the roach.  The THC content seems to have not been an exaggeration--this feels more potent than the Durban Poison which came in at 20% THC but this joint was also fatter & contained more weed.  

The effects strike a nice balance between mellow & uplifted.  I can feel my uterus cramping but my brain doesn't care.  This seems like the ultimate summertime strain if there was such a thing.  Puts a smile on your face & a spring in your step.  It's classified as a "morning" strain on Wikileaf but I actually find it more fitting for the afternoon or even sunset.  There's definitely a chill edge to it, but not in a way that will put you to sleep like a full-on indica.  You just may not feel like cleaning your house or running errands after a few puffs.  

Overall I give Maui Wowie a 4.8 of 5 stars for potency, effects & price.  The bag appeal is absolute garbage but the effects are what count.  I recommend this strain for anyone who enjoys a cheerful, sunny Sativa or just wants to try the classics.  They're classic for a reason & you can't call yourself a connoisseur if you haven't experienced them.  

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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

[Review] - Cannabis Edibles: Dixie Berry Blast Gummies (Sativa)

If you follow my blog you already know how I feel about the Dixie brand of edibles.  They're top notch in everything they put out.  But I've finally found my first 5 of 5 star product.  These Berry Blast gummies taste so damn good I could eat a whole bag...and that's dangerous.  Because my weed tolerance won't allow that.

I tried one of their Sativa gummies before bed last night since I'm weird & Sativa actually makes me sedated rather than stimulated.  But I wasn't expecting the gummy to taste SO. DANG. GOOD.  I usually eat about half a gummy at most but ended up sucking down the whole thing, which resulted in some weird dreams & thoughts as I drifted off.  Unlike the Tropic Twist flavor, the Berry Blast contain mixed colors & flavors; I ate a blue one and it was yummy.  So soft & coated in a light dusting of white sugar that was just mouth-watering.  Only the tiniest hint of cannabis aftertaste but it was almost imperceptible even to me, a supertaster.  I actually wish Dixie made plain unmedicated candy because I'd buy the shit out of them.

1 Berry Blast gummy (10mg THC)

Each bag contains 100 mg of THC and 1.71% terpenes, which shakes out to 10 mg THC per gummy.  A good starter dose for a beginner.  Maybe a more experienced person could eat an entire bag & feel fine but not this psychonaut.  I actually prefer edibles that taste somewhat bad so I'm not tempted to overdo it, but if you don't have a low tolerance issue these will be right up your alley.  I paid $24 for a bag which is more than fair.  Each gummy contains 20 calories, 4g of carbs & 3g added sugars.

In conclusion, I'm giving Berry Blast Sativa Gummies by Dixie 5 of 5 stars for flavor, effectiveness & price.  And I don't give out perfect ratings often.  There's really nothing to be improved upon with these which is why they get the 5-star treatment.  If your dispo has them, don't miss a chance to try 'em.

Monday, July 13, 2020

[Review] - Cannabis Flower: Durban Poison

It's finally happened:  Baby's first landrace!  I originally thought my Maui Wowie was a landrace but no, it's technically just a "classic" strain.  But Durban Poison is the real deal:  a strain that originated in Africa & became genetically accustomed to the climate, soil, nutrients & other environmental factors unique to that region over many generations.  In other words, it's native and unmolested by breeders who, in their drive to create the most potent/tasty bud, have driven landraces to near extinction.  That's what makes them so special today.  

Durban Poison is a powerhouse sativa originating in the city of Durban, South Africa.  The smell is described as somewhat like aniseed or licorice and the effects highly energizing, making it a wake-and-bake strain all the way.  It was popularized in the 1970s by Ed Rosenthal, who selectively bred it to increase resin production.  My cut contains an impressive 20.8% THC and is rich in terpinolene, ocimene & pinene.  I paid $6 for a half-gram of this uplifting landrace baddie.  She is a pure sativa with no indica genes--a rare find today.  Will need to adjust my dose accordingly to avoid paranoia.  This strain is said to be rich in THCv, which causes appetite suppression & some of the cannabis plant's more psychedelic/stimulating effects.  Levels can reach up to 1% THCv in some cuts.  

Durban poison nug

Upon opening the bottle I'm hit with a beautiful smell, though I wouldn't describe it as licorice or anise.  More like a zesty floral bouquet of...something.  Maybe on the lime end of the citrus spectrum?  But not quite.  That's the color I'm seeing when I sniff it:  light green with after-notes of orange.  It truly is a treat for the nose.  The nugs are conical and lightish green with trichomes covering every millimeter of the foliage.  But now for the good part.  (Not the picture because my camera is trash).  

I do my regular hemp + marijuana joint combo with about 60% hemp & 40% weed in a skinny ass white grape flavored joint.  The taste of this strain is nothing to write home about but at least it's cured well & burns evenly.  (It's 100+ degrees outside so I kinda wish it'd hurry up & burn faster lol).  My head feels clear & my vision crisp after finishing it.  No paranoia or pounding heart in sight.   I started this day with a banging headache & lack of sleep so I'm probably not getting the full Durban experience as my mood/pain levels are not at baseline to start.            

White grape Durban Poison joint

The comedown is smooth: no fatigue or brain fog in sight.  But I wouldn't exactly classify the high as 'motivational' either.  For me it was right in the middle--cleared up the cobwebs in my throbbing head without drowsiness OR stimulation.  This ain't Green Crack, in other words.  Maybe higher doses would be more "up" but in this case it was a nice evening strain to end a shitty day.  My tolerance is also elevated due to trying out some edibles yesterday so again, this wasn't a baseline reading.  

My initial impression of Durban Poison is a 4.8 of 5 stars for its balanced effects & mental clarity.  The aroma is unique if that's your thing and the nugs are gorgeous, but the taste was rather bland in my case.  My first experience was pretty middle-of-the-road but as stated above, my brain was not at baseline when I smoked it.  Check this review again for updates.  

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Friday, July 10, 2020

[Review] - Cannabis Edibles: Dixie Tarts

I was so impressed with Dixie's gummies that I figured the tarts would be even better.  Who doesn't love SweeTarts, Smarties & other sour hard candies?  I sometimes get intense cravings for sour candy that are overpowering (which probably means I have some kind of deficiency, heh).  So I tend to prefer this type of edible to chocolates or savory options.  In any case, I grabbed one box of the Tarts on my last dispensary trip which I'll be reviewing for you here.

Unlike the gummies, Dixie Tarts only come in one strain (Hybrid) but they contain 3 flavors per container:  grape, lemon & cherry.  The gummies are single-flavor.  The tarts are also smaller than the gummies but large enough to make microdosing doable if you want to break them into pieces.  And they are more convenient for summertime use because they don't melt & the container is much smaller--just a little box that fits in the palm of your hand or purse/backpack.

Box with quarter for comparison

They smell delicious upon opening, though the container is a bit hard to finagle.  The taste is somewhat less yummy though still satisfies that sour/sweet craving if you don't mind the faint flavor of reefer.  The instructions say to "let the tart fully dissolve in your mouth for quicker uptake" but I just chewed mine.  It says "30 minute onset" on the back but edibles always hit me instantly for some reason.  The tarts are chewy rather than crunchy which definitely helps with dosing.  The texture reminds me of those giant chewy SweeTarts from back in the day (wonder if they still make those?)  Each tart has 10mg THC with 100mg per box.  I paid $24 for one box.

Actual Dixie Tart (left)

Not really seeing any downsides so far unless you just prefer the gummies.  The taste is definitely more weedy but that's fine by me since I only take small doses at a time anyway.  They'd be ideal for concerts, festivals or other outdoor activities where gummies or other sticky edibles would melt in the heat.  The real test is whether they get you medicated, and the answer is YES.  Dixie is a quality brand that's been sought after nationwide since Colorado was the only legal state. 

I give Dixie Tarts a 4.8 of 5 stars for effectiveness, flavor & convenience of use.  I'd rate the gummies sliiiiightly higher in the taste department but the tarts are more convenient overall due to the texture & size.  More discreet too.  I've only tried the cherry flavor so far but I'm a fan (the cherry & grape look an awful lot alike in terms of color...had to do a taste test to be sure).  Will def be buying more of these sour bois.  

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