Wednesday, July 19, 2017

CBD - Top 4 Brands & Products

CBD is one of many compounds in the cannabis plant.  Its effects are subtle but real:  reduced inflammation, anti-psychotic effects, relaxation & pain relief to name a few.  Since the passage of the Farm Bill of 2014, hemp-derived CBD products have flooded the legal market.  Liquids, tinctures, vape juice, capsules...the possibilities are endless.  So how do you know which of these products is worth the money?  You could try them all yourself, or you could use this handy-dandy guide to find the most effective & affordable products, all of which I've tried myself:

Eco-Caps (30mg) - Form:  CAPSULES.  Eco Caps by CBD Drip were the first capsulized CBD product I tried.  My previous experience with CBD was underwhelming, but the Eco Caps definitely produced a lovely effect.  They were what really turned me on to CBD in the first place.  Each capsule contains 30mg CBD in powder form.  The capsules can be opened easily to dump out the powder if you prefer a lower dose.  Eco Caps come in two sizes:  a sample pack of 2 capsules ($11.00) & a 30-capsule pack ($87). 

Koi - Form:  TINCTURES & e-LIQUIDS.  One of the more expensive brands of CBD tinctures & e-Liquids on the market, Koi is also some of the highest quality.  It comes in a variety of flavors such as Blueberry Dragonfruit, Vanilla Caramel Custard & Watermelon Green Apple Sour.  (Or flavorless for the less adventurous).  A 100mg bottle of tincture goes for $29.99 & a 1000mg bottle for a cool $99.99.  Yeah, not cheap.  But it's guaranteed to contain no THC so you won't fail a drug test.  Vaping CBD is the most efficient method of ingestion because it bypasses first-pass metabolism (stomach, liver, etc) and goes directly into the bloodstream via the lungs.  It also works faster when vaped than ingested in my experience. 

CBD Drip - Form:  e-LIQUID.  Another high-quality vape liquid line, CBD Drip is sourced from organic European hemp.  It comes in 3 formulations:  Gold, Platinum & Onyx, each containing different amounts of CBD.  The Gold (14.5mg) sells for $14-$23 and the Onyx (140mg) for $57-$69 depending on the vendor.  I got mine from Swirl Girl Inc, but you can also buy directly from the CBD Drip website. 

Biopurus Hemp Buds - Form:  WHOLE HEMP BUDS & LEAVES.  This 100% natural, pesticide-free hemp is a great source of CBD & other cannabinoids.  Hemp offers the benefit of full-spectrum effects, which can work better than CBD isolate products.  (See: the entourage effect).  Biopurus buds smell great & contains fewer seeds than many hemp tea products.  30g bags go for around $27 & 40g bags for $41-$51 depending on the vendor. 

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Retro Drug Ads That Will Make You LOL

It's Saturday & it's about to get weird.  I've gone down the rabbit hole looking at retro drug ads again.  Here are a few of my favorites.  (And yes, they're all real):

Conclusion:  While the '70s might have been a low point for marijuana quality, they had every other drug you could imagine.  Quaaludes, cocaine, upper/downer combination drugs & plenty of cancer sticks.

That Time I Tried: 4-HO-MET

I first tried 4-HO-MET around 2012 during the absolute pinnacle of the research chemical Golden Era (2010-2015).  It was the 2nd psychedelic...