Friday, June 18, 2021

[Review] - Cannabis Flower: Apple Tartz

Apple Tartz is in my Top 3 strains from this dispensary run.  This mouthwatering hybrid hype strain is a cross between the famous Runtz & Apple Fritter, another crowd favorite.  It's so new it doesn't yet have a Leafly or Wikileaf page but what I could dig up was that it was bred by Clearwater Genetics and is caryophyllene dominant, with one page claiming it leans sativa and is a "morning strain" while the other recommends it for "Friday night stress reduction."  Go figure.

As with the other strains from this unique dispensary, this Apple Tartz strain comes with no terpene, cannabinoid or sativa/indica percentage information.  You can see from the pic below that the flowers are squished due to the way they're packaged in a bag instead of a bottle.  The buds are fat and chunky with orange pistils and gleaming terpene globs.  And the smell is as true to the name as could be expected from marijuana:  Spicy, acidic and ever-so-slightly apple-like.  Sort of reminds me of apple cider.  Mixed with weed of course.  I remain astonished at how this plant can produce so many unique aromas but it truly does have a faint Granny Smith smell, y'all.  

Apple Tartz:  Photo #2

I roll it in a raspberry flavored joint and head outside in sweltering heat for a smoke with my sister.  There's a stray dog in our yard that we're trying to tame and he doesn't seem to mind the smell of the bud at all.  This strain gives a nice internal warmth and feeling of well-being without being sedating, making it great for afternoon use.  I feel giggly but in control after finishing the half-joint, happily uplifted for a couple hours.  No major comedown to speak of.  Moderate munchies.  

Runtz was's #1 strain of 2020 so I'd like to try it sometime.  If it's anything like Apple Tartz, it'll be fragrant & pleasure-inducing.  And Apple Fritter sounds absolutely magnificent--a favorite of heavy smokers on sites like Reddit.  There are tons of Runtz crosses and this one definitely stands out, at least among the 8 strains I picked up on this run, a few of which include Alien Fire, Super Skunk, Tangie & Banana Cake.  

Overall I give Apple Tartz a 4.8 of 5 stars for aroma, bag appeal, uniqueness and effects.  While not the most potent or euphoric strain I've ever tried, it had me coming back for more due to its 'happy middle' effects.  Not too stimulating or sedating which is something I look for.  If a strain can make me smile and feel uplifted for an hour or so, that's all I can really ask for.  I'd recommend Apple Tartz for anyone seeking a mouthwatering strain that treats depression, anxiety, pain & PTSD.  Though you may have to grow it yourself at this point as she's pretty rare.  

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