Monday, June 28, 2021

[Review] - Cannabis Flower: Banana Cake

Staying on the "new and rare strains" theme, I'll be reviewing Banana Cake, an obscure jewel by Colombian seed company Paisa Seeds.  This indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between Wedding Cake and Monkey Banana with a soaring THC percentage in the 25-30% range.  As stated on the company's website, she's valued for her copious resin production & creamy vanilla/banana nose, making her a great strain for extracts and concentrates.  

The buds I received are some of the most unique I've ever seen, most of them green with one being entirely dark purple!  When I saw that dark bud fall out of the bag after all the greens, I was a bit startled, but when you break into the green ones they're a gorgeous passion fruit-purple on the inside too.  (This is my first time smoking a purple strain, I'm a bit embarrassed to say.  And certainly my 1st time with a mixed green-and-purp one).  The smell is soft citrus with a hint of cream.  No banana in my cut.  Nothing too notable on the aroma front.  

Photo #2:  Banana Cake

Banana Cake's high is as unique as its colorful buds, sneaking up like that old school creeper weed from the '90s before hitting you over the head like a sledgehammer.  It puts you in a giggly headspace like you're in high school smoking your first joint, and it's POTENT.  The high is relaxing and heavy... very indica-like.  No hint of hybrid in this gal.  Like most indicas it doesn't make me sleepy but if you're prone to tiredness from indicas, this one will definitely fit that bill for you as it's a classic indica-dominant strain.  

I wasn't expecting much from this one and it wasn't even on my shopping list--once again, it's something the budtender just threw in as a substitute for something else that was out of stock.  The other "cake" strain I've tried (Papaya Cake) was underwhelming so I saved this for last & my hopes weren't high.  But it ended up being in my Top 3 of this run.  Aside from its unique bag appeal with the purple hue, the effects are like getting KO'd in the best way possible.  I haven't had true creeper weed since my teenage stoner days so this was a real throwback.  The high THC content is evident but not right away so be careful how much you smoke.  I'd recommend Banana Cake for panic disorder, sleep problems, severe pain, epilepsy & other conditions involving overstimulation of the CNS.  Paisa Seeds really put their foot off in this.  

Overall I give Banana Cake a 4.9 of 5 stars for bag appeal, unique effects/appearance & potency.  I had to add 0.1 points for the striking purple color which is only a bonus to the effects, really.  But it's pretty cool.  Anyone looking for a knockout indica should not pass this one up.  Don't fall for the luscious food moniker as you won't be getting much "Banana" or "Cake" here... just pick it up for the effects.    

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