Friday, May 1, 2020

[Review] - Cannabis Flower: Blue Dream

I hit up my local mmj dispensary to take advantage of their half-gram coronavirus deals.  I'm not a fan of smoking flower but they had some interesting strains I've wanted to try so I figured what the heck.  I picked up 3 half-grams, the first of which I'll review here.

Blue Dream is an absolute staple in the cannabis world, yet I've never gotten around to trying it 'til now.  With a whopping 13,274 reviews on Leafly, this strain is renowned for its perfect balance of "gentle cerebral invigoration" and full-body relaxation.  It's the offspring of a Haze & Blueberry parent that leans more toward the energizing end of the spectrum for a hybrid & was popularized by legendary breeder DJ Short.  Let's review.

Blue Dream 1/2 gram

My cut is rich in THC (22.82%) and a flavorful mix of terpenes, with Myrcene topping the list at 4.54% followed by Limonene (1.07%) & Pinene (0.21%).  While CBD content isn't listed on the label, Blue Dream is said to hover around 2% CBD & 1% CBN, making it a powerful medicine for many ailments.  I got a half-gram for $6 plus tax, which is pretty high but I was glad to be able to grab a half-gram sampler in these trying times since I'm not a big flower smoker.  I'll be mixing this with hemp buds to lessen the potency since THC overwhelms me easily.  I'm smoking a blueberry-flavored pinner joint to get the full blueberry experience. 

The smell of Blue Dream is herbal first & foremost followed by soft floral notes.  While it doesn't smell like lavender, it is reminiscent of that type of scent if that makes sense.  I tend to prefer strains like this to citrus or pine-rich ones for some reason.  Before lighting up, I take a short walk around the side of my house where I won't be seen.  The joint hits smoothly & stays lit even in fierce wind unlike the last strain I bought from this dispensary.  A few puffs in and I'm already feeling intoxicated but in a pleasant way.  I end up snuffing the joint out with a big roach remaining, after which the electric effects of the high really start to take hold.

Blue Dream container

My body feels floaty & light like a cloud while my mind is gently stimulated.  It's the perfect mix of indica/sativa effects for my needs.  Music sounds extra crisp & I can't stop cleaning my room.  When I finally sit down to type this review, I'm comforted by a warm euphoric feeling that's just right--no racing mind or heart like with most strains.  The image of a puffy cloud in a blue sky keeps coming to mind... I really have nothing better than that to describe how it feels, sorry.  Would be ideal for meditating.  I did get super tired on the comedown--almost enough to take a nap.  I had to actively focus to stay awake which I didn't like, but this makes it a good evening strain & could probably be offset by smoking more. 

Overall I'm giving this Blue Dream a 4.8 of 5 stars for effects, appearance & texture.  It broke up easily, burned evenly & just generally hit all the right spots for this blustery day.  I was having a small migraine when I smoked (& I knew smoking would make it worse) but the fun effects are honestly worth the head pain at the moment.  Yep, it's that good. 

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