Friday, April 30, 2021

[Review] - Cannabis Edibles: DOSD Nano Bites 100mg CBD/THC


These high-tech gummies were substituted for my usual Simple Cure 3:1 CBD/THC gummies, which were sadly in short supply at the dispensary this time around.  They said these were "exactly the same" despite containing a much higher dose of THC (25 mg per piece) and a lower CBD ratio (1:1) as well.  These are the highest-dose THC gummies I've ever eaten so it was hard to know how much to nibble off without risking getting too high.  But more on that later.

Nano technology is a method of delivering cannabinoids in edibles that helps them kick in faster and more uniformly--like coating oil in a special protective material to help it blend into water.  The thing about CBD is it takes a much higher dose orally to feel the effects than it does with THC, so even with nano tech it's not going to guarantee you feel anything if the dose is too low.  Some studies show doses of 300mg or higher were required to create a quantifiable effect or relief of symptoms like anxiety or pain.  For this reason I wasn't hopeful about these 1:1 gummies with such a high dose of THC per candy.

Back of package

My DOSD edibles are raspberry flavored, which is one of my faves.  They also come in Black Cherry.  They taste good:  very mild and fruity.  I dig the packaging which looks high-end and ensures a double-layer of freshness due to the inner baggie which is also resealable.  That's one of my main nitpicks with the Simple Cure gummies--the bag doesn't seal after being opened a few times, leaving the candies dry and hard before I can finish them.   

Right off the bat I realize these are nothing like the 3:1 gummies, which are far more chill and CBD-heavy.  These feel like plain THC edibles if I'm being honest.  They would be better if the CBD dose was increased and they had less overall THC in each candy... 25mg per unit is too waaay too much and makes it hard to dose accurately if you have a low tolerance like me.  I'm not sure what role the nano particles play in the overall effect except maybe making it kick in a smidge faster and last longer, though edibles always start working exceptionally fast for me anyway.  These are definitely potent though and will knock you off your feet if you overdo it.  I just nibbled off the very end of one and am feeling absolutely schnockered:  cotton mouth, dry eyes, zoned out mind, etc.  No other weed products today except that tiny corner of a gummy.  Wow.  They're hybrid and feel in line with that.  

Inner package + gummies

Overall I give DOSD Nano Bites 100mg CBD/THC Raspberry Gummies a 4.7 of 5 stars for flavor, packaging & quality.  While they're definitely high-end and cutting edge due to the packaging and nano particles, I wish they had more CBD and less THC since that's what I was shopping for.  THC gummies are a dime a dozen but well-balanced CBD/THC ones are harder to find.  If you're looking for a potent gummy that'll kick in quickly and can be easily resealed, give them a shot.  They taste good and will knock you for a loop.  I'll be sticking to my old standard for a well-balanced CBD/THC effect though.  

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