Sunday, January 10, 2021

[Review] - Cannabis Edibles: Simple Cure THC/CBD Gummies (Indica Dominant)

Back of (opened) package

This is the second installation in this series.  I loved the sativa 3:1 gummies so much I made a special trip to the dispo to pick up some more of these particular CBD-laced edibles, this time hoping to give the indicas a try too.  But I wasn't really expecting them to be quantifiably different because, let's be honest:  cannabis strains aren't always that distinct even when smoked, let alone in an edible.  But boy was I glad to be proven wrong.  

The Simple Cure THC/CBD Gummies of the indica variety are even BETTER!  Absolutely no racing heart and a body that feels like Jell-O.  I guess it's the indica stone on top of the added CBD that does it.  And the munchies are less intense with the indica ones, which is a bonus for me as I don't want to put on weight.  They truly are as calming as a low dose of Valium and would be great for sleep if indicas help you sleep.  I'll definitely be using them for my menstrual cramps too.  They go great with codeine but I found myself 'forgetting' to breathe in the night which was startling.  Yikes.  They really are that sedating.  

Simple Cure 3:1 Gummy

As with the sativa ones, the only drawback is the taste but by now I've grown accustomed to it.  The gummies are fresh and soft, though they tend to get a bit hard after re-opening the bag repeatedly.  Each gummy has 15 calories and they come in orange, blue and red.  Maybe green too but I'm not seeing any in this particular bag.  Each $28.95 bag contains 10 gummies, each containing 10mg THC and 30mg CBD.

After a couple trials, I give Simple Cure THC/CBD Gummies (Indica Dominant) a 4.9 of 5 stars for effects, price and quality.  This brand truly does what they claim:  uses sativa and indica-specific cannabis in their edibles and you can feel it in every bite.  There are no "hot spots" or weak spots and the price isn't terrible.  I've seen better but also worse.  As for the the effects of this particular product, they are worth writing home about and would be amazing for anyone with severe pain, anxiety, panic, insomnia, spasticity/seizure disorders or other conditions that CBD is helpful with.  These gummies are like an indica edible on steroids, so to speak.  If you want something you can enjoy during the daytime, opt for the sativas.  Even though indicas generally don't make me as drowsy, the 3:1 indica gummies are definitely better suited for evening/nighttime use.  These will put you ALL the way in-da-couch.  You've been warned.  

(P.S. - I don't know how many experiments it will take for me to accept that I truly am an Indica girl despite how much I want to be a Sativa).  👸

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