Friday, November 30, 2018

1st Grow vs. 2nd Grow - A Progress Report in Pictures

Since I'm still a newbie with one grow under my belt, I thought it'd be fun to compare my first grow to my 2nd to see if there's been any progress.  I'm still using all the same equipment (lights, soil, nutrients) but have upgraded to a 3-gallon fabric pot from an 18-oz Solo cup.

The pics on the left are of my 1st grow, which was NYC Diesel Auto in the Solo cup.  The ones on the right are Industrial Plant Auto CBD in the fabric pot.  Both grown under 84-watts of soft white CFL with some 20-watt LED clip-on lights for side lighting.  The only nutrient change was the switching of banana tea (1st grow) for potassium humates (2nd grow) during the flowering phase. No bottled nutes in either grow.  As you can see, the rampant yellowing starts around the same time in both plants.  It's actually a bit worse in the full-size pot.  Guess I need to start using some real nitrogen ferts.  

Photos start in the flowering phase since vegetative growth is mostly unremarkable.  And with that, let the show begin...





















WEEK 10 










Final dry yield, Grow 1:  4.0 grams
Final dry yield, Grow 2:  4.3 grams


Welp, I'm a bit disappointed this plant didn't yield much more than the one grown in an 18-oz cup but whadda ya gonna do?  You'd think with all that extra space for the roots to stretch out & prune themselves in the fabric pot, the plant would've at least produced a gram more.  What's more, this plant was even more finicky than the one in the cup, requiring much more frequent watering in flower (which is NOT what I was told by experienced growers--they said I'd have to water the small container much more frequently).  For as much haranguing as I got about growing in a Solo cup, I actually think it was easier & stealthier than using a large pot.  The 1st plant created less smell by far, grew taller with more bud sites & didn't require as much water.  And it used up less soil. 

In theory a full-size pot is going to be more conducive to growing a healthy plant, but in my case it's not necessarily the best way to go.  I definitely need to add some more lumens to my grow space & start using legit store-bought fertilizers that contain nitrogen to prevent this yellowing problem.  But since I can't accompany a large smelly plant due to my living situation, I'll have to make due with dwarfy girls for the time being.  I still have the vast majority of my 1st harvest which shows just how little I actually smoke.  So yield isn't everything. 

Industrial Plant Auto CBD is a mild smoke with a sour fruity smell that starts out energetic & mellows out into a chill body high rather quickly.  It motivates me to exercise & do things like clean my room which is exactly what I need: motivation.  5% THC + 10% CBD content is just the right balance for my needs.  I do enjoy the effects of this one much more than the speedy, paranoid high of NYC Diesel Auto. 

Anyhoo, if you're a new grower on a budget or just want to learn some nifty growing tactics, check out my 8-part series that will take you from novice to closet growing king (or queen) in no time!  There are tons of grow guides out there but most involve expensive, complicated lighting setups, grow tents & other advanced items.  Not mine.  I'm writing for growers for whom stealth, space & funds are major deciding factors in whether to grow at all.  Those for whom yields are a distant second priority behind not getting caught.

Got any comparison pics of your 1st & 2nd grows?  Share in the comments below.  I'd love to see how you've grown as a grower.  📏😆

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