Tuesday, July 3, 2018

I'm Baa-aack

Update:  Check out my 8-part series on growing your own autoflowering cannabis on a budget!

In case you've been wondering about my absence, I've been immersed in my first real cannabis grow!  And it was a success!  A very small-scale success, but a great one nonetheless.  I spent the bare minimum on supplies & put in maximum time & effort to learn everything I could about growing, and the results were better than I could've hoped for.  I'd love to use what I learned to mentor other growers on how to complete cheap, stealthy, low-space grows.  So that's what I'll do for the next few installments:  share what I learned about growing bomb bud on a budget.

Do you live in an illegal state?  With non-420 friendly roommates?  Don't have the money to sink into an expensive, high-tech grow op or the space to support a bunch of giant stinking weed plants in your house for 6+ months?  Then we're on the same page.  Sometimes ya just need to start with the basics to get a feel for something before going balls-to-the-walls.  And learning can be very lucrative if you stick with it to the end. 

Growing ganja has many advantages, particularly for those who don't live near dispensaries or other sources of high-quality bud.  And even if you DO live near a dispensary, commercial weed is often grown in a rushed fashion using questionable fertilizers & pesticides that can affect taste, quality & possibly your health.  (Check out my previous article on plant growth regulators.  If that doesn't scare ya, nothing will).  By growing your own stash, YOU control exactly what goes in so you know what's coming out.  It might sound cliche, but there's just something special about weed that you grew yourself.  Now I can say that from first-hand experience because I've actually done it.  And there IS something unique about this weed.  It doesn't trigger a bit of anxiety or dry mouth like every other strain I've ever smoked.  I'm still shocked at just how mellow the high is.  I am extremely sensitive to the paranoid, heart-racing properties of THC but get none of that from the homegrown bud.  But more on that later.

My April 4th baby was harvested on June 24th; 82 days from seed.  I spent a grand total of $68 on everything including lights, soil & 7 feminized seeds.  When all was said & done, I harvested 4 grams off a plant that was grown in an 18-oz Solo cup (red beer cup) using 2 Compact Fluorescent Lights & a $10 Chinese LED gooseneck lamp.  No grow tent, light timer, exhaust fans or other equipment.  Didn't even use any store-bought nutes or fertilizers.  Just lights in a closet.  And the bud is superb.  

Here are the highlights of my grow journal on imgur.  There were some ups & downs as you can see, but she ultimately pulled through & delivered in the end.  And I came away with enough info to write a small book on the subject of small-scale stealthy grows. 

More to come in the days ahead... Leave any questions in the comment section & I'll try to address them in the upcoming articles. 

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