Tuesday, July 30, 2019

[Review] - Caleb's Concentrates: Red Maeng Da & Red Bali Kratom

Vendor:  Caleb's Concentrates
Location:  Jacksonville, FL
Items:  Kratom powder, extracts, enhanced blends.
Rating:  4.9 of 5 stars
Website:  www.calebsconcentrates.com

Back when online kratom vending was at its peak, Caleb was a favorite among Redditors.  His many unique & customized extracts earned him a special place in the hearts of kratom consumers where he remains today for many.  And then the Great Payment Method Attack on kratom vendors happened & I wasn't able to order from him for a few years until I acquired a debit card. 

Back in the day I was more impressed with his concentrates than his plain leaf, though that's changed dramatically.  Now his leaf has moved to 1st place among all my kratom sources in terms of quality, even inching out VLNT in sheer mg for mg potency.  I ordered his only 2 red strains:  Maeng Da & Bali in 250g amounts when I got paid & they were so good I had to pick up more a couple weeks later.  I got 500g split two ways for $60 (including shipping) & the 2nd order of 250g split two ways was $35.  Very fair prices. 

Caleb's is the only kratom that actually makes me itch all over, which is a big deal as a daily user of several years.  Both the MD & Bali are deeply warming & relaxing in their own unique ways...the powders' colors are definitely different under light so you can tell he's not passing off the same strain as two different ones like some shady vendors have been known to do.  It only takes a small dose of each to achieve desired effects.  Reminds me of Canopy's leaf at the height of his popularity.

250g & 125g packs

I haven't tried any of his other strains, as I don't do greens or whites except in minute doses.  And extracts are reserved for when I'm having severe ulcer or gastritis flare ups & can't ingest leaf.  But his red-vein plain leaf is good to go.  Shipping is always prompt & discreet and I've never had any fraudulent charges on my card.  The only drawback is I wish he had a few more reds to choose from, but I really can't complain because the ones he has are so damn good.  If you're into extracts, definitely check out his CO2 Supercritical & Pure Alkaloid (Gold) Extracts.  He also has enhanced leaf blends, capsules & sample packs.

The stuff I've got is plain leaf, but I can't help but wonder if some extract or other "enhancement" hasn't found its way into the bag.  It's just so potent.  But I trust Caleb to label his products honestly, and extracts always make me have horrid withdrawals almost instantly upon ingesting them which this leaf definitely does NOT do.  The smell is like cherry-scented Play-Doh, which I always associate with the best quality leaf.  This is the best time of year to order, for sure.  I'm stocking up now because everything I bought last Winter was weak sauce. 

Bottle of Caleb's Red Bali tea

I give this batch of Caleb's Concentrates Red Maeng Da & Bali a 4.9 of 5 stars for potency, shipping time & overall effectiveness/quality.  While it's cheaper to order in bulk from overseas, Caleb is an awesome domestic option when you need something reliably potent & fast.  He's always been friendly too, which is refreshing.  You can tell he really cares about the product he sells & is very knowledgeable about the various extraction processes. 

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