Saturday, August 3, 2019

[Review] - CBDistillery: Strawberry Lemonade CBD Pen (200mg)

Vendor:  CBDistillery
Location:  Colorado, US
Items:  CBD Oils, salves, vapes.
Rating:  3.9 of 5 stars

Strawberry Lemonade vape pen (200mg CBD)

My mom was in need of a vape cartridge refill for her CBD vape, so I decided to branch out & try a vendor I hadn't tried before:  CBDistillery.  They had more vape cartridges & pens to choose from than most of my go-to sites & the price was...decent.  She settled on the Strawberry Lemonade CBD disposable pen for $25 ($34 including tax & shipping).  $8 for shipping with no cheaper options is excessive, especially for such a small order.  But I wanted to buy from a well-known vendor & not spend all day shopping around. 

The website says the vape pens contain 200mg of CBD in a solution of Triethyl Citrate (TEC), natural flavors & terpenes.  No PG, VG or MCT, and they claim the TEC is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA.  The lab report shows that it's free of THC but doesn't go into much detail beyond that, claiming that the product is "free from visible mold, mildew & foreign matter."  Hmmm.

After reading some troubling reviews on Facebook, I'm feeling anxious about this order but decide to wait it out & see.  A few reviewers claim that CBDistillery products were found to contain excessive amounts of pesticides in an NBC NY report which is obviously not cool.  Even less cool:  some people apparently had excessive charges to their debit cards & never received their orders.  How do companies get away with this shit while running a high-profile business?  I did a Google search on the pesticide issue and, sure enough, up popped the aforementioned NBC news story.  Wow.  Lazarus Naturals, another trusted CBD vendor, tested high in lead in this report too.  The takeaway message:  make sure your CBD vendor shows lab reports that include results for pesticides, heavy metals & residual solvents...not just the absence of THC.

Lab only tests for THC: the bare minimum required by law.

Anyway, we received our pen 4 days after ordering.  The flavor is true to the description but I'm not personally a fan.  (My mom loved it though).  The hit was very smooth & the pen hits well.  They kindly threw in a free pair of CBDistillery sunglasses for no charge.  Very nice touch.  As long as the pen doesn't run out of power or start leaking, I don't foresee any problems with it.  My mom is happy so I'm happy.

Still, I can't get the nagging worry about pesticides out of my head which is a shame.  CBD is supposed to be a health tonic; not something that stresses your body more.  Additionally, hemp doesn't need to be grown with pesticides like tobacco & some other crops!  So the inclusion of it in a product like this is just egregious.  Unless I find a company that tests for all three categories of toxins I'll likely stick to growing my own hemp flower. 

I'm giving this order a 3.9 of 5 stars.  While my mom is impressed, the price for 200mg of CBD is kinda high, the shipping took longer than I'm used to & the pesticide thing has me feeling wary.  The free sunglasses were cool though. 

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