Friday, October 18, 2019

[Review] - Lotus Gold: Level 1 Tincture

This stuff was a free gift for going through this particular dispensary to get my medical card.  It's got an exceedingly small amount of THC in it, which is actually perfect for my needs as a sleep aid.  THC makes my mind wander too much when taken right before bed.  This tincture contains a total of 64mg THC per bottle, breaking down into about 2 mg per dose.  It also contains a total of the following:  CBG (23mg) & CBD (352mg), CBC (132mg) & 8.70mg CBDv.  I suspect these are the cannabinoids responsible for the drowsy effect.

Baby's first tincture

This was my first time using a syringe to administer cannabis...or anything else.  I must admit it felt kinda dirty, but overall I like the tincture format.  It's discreet, doesn't leave a smell behind & works relatively fast if you leave the liquid under your tongue for 3-5 minutes before swallowing.  To administer, you simply remove the lid & plop the syringe down into the little hole, turn the bottle sideways & draw it up via the vacuum effect.  Viola.

This is an ideal product for total cannabis newbies.  It's not much more potent per dose than smoking a hemp flower joint (0.03% THC) & the flavor is inoffensive.  Just tastes a bit "green" like weed.  It also comes in flavored versions that are slightly stronger (74mg THC instead of 64mg), one of which my friend chose.  She is completely weed naive & likes this product as a sleep aid too.

Syringe that came with the tincture

If you're looking for something to use during the daytime, get mentally lifted or kill severe pain/other symptoms, this type of product probably won't cut it.  Perhaps if you were to take several syringe-fuls it would be more potent but I haven't tried that yet.  This is more of a 'relax-after-a-stressful day' cannabis item for those with no prior experience--or at least no experience with today's potent flower & concentrates.  I don't get any munchies from it like I do with my RedBud vape cart yet there are still noticeable effects from the THC.  Just enough to tell that it's not a pure CBD product though.

Overall I give this tincture a 4.8 of 5 stars for quality, uniqueness & professional labeling.  It's not often you find medical marijuana items in this state that tell the exact amount of each cannabinoid they contain...sadly.  While it may be too mild for hardcore potheads or those with serious disease, I find it ideal for those with less debilitating issues like insomnia, migraine or anxiety (not that those conditions aren't awful--I struggle with all three.  But they're not ALS or cancer).  Would likely be a good choice for children or small-bodied people who have their medical cards as well as those interested in exploring the effects of less well-known cannabinoids like CBC or CBG. 

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