Wednesday, November 27, 2019

[Review] - Cannabis Flower: Trident (1 gram)

Trident flower
Notice:  My budshots suck & don't do the actual product any favors.  Please don't let them influence your opinion of the weed.

As a lover of cannabidiol-rich bud, I'm always on the lookout for strains that boast high CBD numbers with low overall THC percentages.  I don't care so much about the ratios as too much THC is still too intense regardless of how much CBD is present.  I like the strains that fall under 10% THC (or preferably less).  So you can imagine my excitement at finding Trident, a strain that contains 12% CBD & around 6% THC (so a 2:1 ratio), but this particular cut contains 10.46% THC & 17.75% CBDLeafly describes the strain as a sweet-and-sour smelling hybrid that produces a focused mental effect & is great for pain.  The dispensary's website lists the terpene profile as:  myrcene, linalool, fenchol, limonene, pinene & caryophyllene. 

I picked up one gram for $15 at a local dispensary.  The buds are shaped like little Christmas trees (!!!) and minimally hairy with a thick & sparkly dusting of trichomes.  The smell is unique and not entirely pleasant--reminiscent of burning rubber & skunk.  My entire room smells of weed since bringing the container home, and that's before opening it.  This is some of the stickiest--and stinkiest--grass I've encountered in ages. 

Since it's extremely cold outside, I pack my one-hitter & discreetly (not) hit it in my closet, blowing the smoke into a pillow.  Yeah... I live with anti-weed peeps in a legal mmj state.  Sucks.  Right away I feel a boost of focus & weedtastic motivation.  I did take a Xanax before smoking so not sure how much that's influencing the effect.  But I know I feel better than before smoking.  I had major dental work done today during a headache & have been in pain ever since... codeine isn't touching it.  This seems to have taken the edge off a little, if only by lifting my spirits and distracting me. 

Trident falls somewhere between Grade A hemp flower & sticky icky marijuana in terms of effects.  However, the look & smell are all marijuana.  It's a great medicinal strain for those who want something with a bit more "kick" than plain CBD flower that won't turn you into a stoned alien, but be warned:  its booming loud smell is not discreet.  The acute effects last about an hour & begin to fade into a smooth descent for about another hour.  Munchies are intense. 

Bottle w/ label

Smoking is one of my least favorite ingestion methods, as it tends to give me side effects like anxiety & a drowsy comedown I don't get with edibles.  But I wanted to try this strain since high-CBD cuts are so rare around these parts.  And I'm glad I did.  It makes a great afternoon spirit-booster & anytime pain reliever.  I already have a large stash of hemp buds & homegrown low-THC flower (Industrial Plant CBD Autoflower), but Trident makes a worthy addition to this collection.  $15/gram is a bit ridiculous for any strain but since it's so rare I didn't mind paying it this time. 

Photo taken with iPotato 11

Overall I give Trident a 4.7 of 5 stars for quality, uniqueness & potency.   The buds could stand to be dried/cured a bit more, and the smell still has me wondering whether they naturally smell that way or were stored somewhere gross before sale.  Regardless, I hope to see more strains like it in dispensaries around the state soon.  We have plenty of high-THC options as it is. 

If you want to know what weed from the '80s & '90s felt like, shoot for something in the 6-10% THC range like Trident because that's what most quality commercial strains contained back then.  CBD percentages have never been this high though.  This is a welcome breakthrough.  Trident is ideal for epilepsy, muscle spasm, migraine, inflammation, psychotic disorders, anxiety & insomnia due to its perfect THC:CBD percentages.  If you like energizing hybrids, don't pass this one by.         

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