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[Review] - Fully Activated CBD: Isolate Slabs & Salve

Vendor:  Fully Activated CBD
Location:  Red Feather Lakes, CO, USA.
Items:  CBD isolate, capsules, burn salve, lip & body products.
Rating:  4.9 of 5 stars

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Since my usual CBD vendor (Phytodabs) is revamping their credit card processing system, I decided to try another source.  I use CBD daily for migraine prevention & couldn't wait for Phytodabs to get back to me so why not give someone else a try?  After some shopping around I notice that a lot of vendors are marking their isolate waaaay up to ridiculous prices of $30 or more per gram.  This is plain isolate... not terpsolate (which sells for a whopping $50/gram on said sites).  Sorry, but I am not trying to pay that much plus shipping for some damn isolate!  And you shouldn't either.  CBD isolate is hard to mess up so it doesn't really matter where you get it as long as there's a 3rd party lab test to ensure purity.  

Anyway, I decided on Fully Activated CBD after some sleuthing on Reddit & the company's Facebook page, which is full of glowing reviews.  And their prices were right:  $20 per gram for the pressed slabs of isolate, which is my preferred form, plus $4 for First Class Shipping.  It's much easier to handle the slabs than the powdery crystals which is why I opted for those.  I ordered on November 25th and received my stuff on November 29th which was good considering the 28th was a holiday.  Packaging was sufficiently professional & well-padded.

I only ordered 1 gram of isolate slabs, so you can imagine my surprise when I opened it & found a bonus tub of their full-spectrum salve and a cool reflective sticker included for free!  Very generous and much appreciated.  The slabs look like this:

Fully activated pure CBD isolate bulk. Delivery to all fifty states
CBD slabs: 99%+ pure

They are easy to handle & break up just like they should, vaping smoothly with no aftertaste.  I use my trusty Yocan Evolve Plus to consume them along with the ceramic donut coils which produce a smoother vapor than the quartz coils.  The lab results are posted on the Fully Activated website & show levels of cannabinoids AND residual solvents, terpenes & heavy metals like mercury & lead.  The only thing not tested for are pesticides, but this is still an improvement over most other CBD companies that only test for the bare minimum required by law (i.e. THC content).  

All of Fully Activated's products are made from hemp grown on their own Colorado farms, which is also reassuring.  Hemp is a bioaccumulator of toxins & Chinese hemp is often rife with metals & other toxic compounds, which becomes especially problematic because numerous plants are required to extract small amounts of CBD.  Using hemp grown on clean soil is always preferable to importing Chinese plants grown for the purpose of remediating dirty soil, which is sadly what some American CBD companies do.

99.4%+ Pure CBD Isolate in Slab Form
Fully Activated CBD's lab test results (from website)

As for the full-spectrum salve, it smells awesome & contains 125 mg CBD per tub.  Other ingredients include:  calendula, chamomile, lavender, shea butter, comfrey & beeswax.  I applied some to my temples & the back of my neck during a migraine but am not expecting much, as topical cannabis products are typically best for conditions like eczema, rashes & other skin-deep conditions since they bind only to CB2 receptors in the skin.  But it's got a lovely soothing texture that's not excessively greasy or smelly... reminiscent of Burt's Bees products, so I'll definitely be using it for dry skin & other minor dermal annoyances that arise.  I imagine it'd be good for bug bites, burns/sunburns, scrapes, hives & shingles.  Things like that. 

My $24 haul from Fully Activated!

In conclusion, I give this order from Fully Activated CBD a 4.9 of 5 stars for shipping time, generosity & quality.  The price is reasonable and, assuming the claims on the website are accurate, the quality of the products appears to be higher than many others on the market.  With the lack of FDA regulation, I value safety & purity above things like fancy packaging or exotic flavors and Fully Activated is doing CBD right in that regard.  They may just end up being my new go-to for isolate/slabs after this stellar order.  A+++.

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