Saturday, November 30, 2019

[Review] - Simple Cure: Indica-Dominant Gummies (5-pack)

Alright!  So we're back with these juicy gummies after previously loving the Sativa-dominant variety.  I bought the first pack on a whim while picking up a Simple Cure vape pod, not expecting much since most canna-candies are hit-or-miss around these parts.  I came to like the gummies more than the vape pod, as they're more discreet & easier to dose accurately.  And they don't irritate my lungs or cause other side effects like vaping seems to.

Front of package

While the Sativa candies are more clear-headed & focused, the Indicas are noticeably more euphoric & mellow... though I'm not sure I could tell them apart consistently in a blind test at the microdoses I'm using.  They taste identical & the effects are pretty similar overall.  As with the other bag, the Indicas are so potent I can't eat an entire 10 mg square in one sitting.  (Yes, I'm a lightweight).  This is a good thing as it saves money & calories.  Each square is only 15 calories & contains an extract made from the whole plant, including cannabinoids & terpenes in addition to THC that are true to the (Sativa or) Indica-dominant label.  Other ingredients include corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, citric acid & sorbitol powder.

The biggest difference is the Indicas don't cause quite as much paranoia & negative thought-loops as the Sativas, making them a better choice for those with anxiety or self-esteem issues.  I like to combine a bite of Indica & Sativa for a well-rounded effect.  My friend prefers the Indica squares & thought they were slightly more intense overall.  I think they're good for different purposes so I stocked up on 2 bags of each.  They come in bags of 5 squares (50 mg THC per bag) & are full-spectrum with no added thickening, thinning or cutting agents.  The blueberry & orange-flavored squares are my favorite.  I can't overstate how "clean" feeling the high is & I love how instantly the effects kick in, which makes it easy to dose.  (I've never had a delayed effect from edibles oddly enough).  I also get much less anxiety/paranoia & drowsy comedown than with smoking.     

Top view of candies inside bag

If you're looking for an effective & reliable edible in Oklahoma, Simple Cure gummies are an excellent choice.   Every square is exactly the same potency so no worrying about getting the whole 50 mg in one bite.  I give the Indica-dominant squares a 4.9 of 5 stars for potency, price & convenience of use.  They also make chocolate squares though they are dark chocolate which looks like it'd irritate my reflux so I haven't tried them.

Simple Cure has perfected the edible-making process.  These are a daily part of my mood & sleep regimen, and I'm not even that big a fan of weed in general.  They make dosing both convenient & discreet, which is not the case with smoked or vaped flower and some vape carts. 

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