Tuesday, November 12, 2019

[Review] - Simple Cure: Sativa Dominant Gummies (5 pack)

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Since I finally found a dispensary that carries this awesome brand, I thought I'd stock up on everything they had to offer.  In addition to the Simple Cure vape pod, I picked up some Sativa-Dominant Infused Gummies for $14.95.  Each pack contains 50 mg full-spectrum CO2-extracted cannabis oil gummies.  My friend also picked up a pack despite having no luck with gummies of any kind in the past.  No effects whatsoever.  And she has an even lower tolerance than I.

After hearing her report of great sleep & happy dreams at only 10 mg, I decided to try a similar dose myself.  Granted, I'm generally not a Sativa fan but I figured I might as well try their Sativa line since the vape pod was Indica.  The gummies taste great at first with a strong aftertaste of bitter ganja.  The effects set in within 5-10 minutes for me & are full-throttle.  And this was before I even finished the full 10 mg gummy!  I'm a lightweight but can say confidently that these candies are much more effective than the THC distillate ones I've tried so far.  I feel damn near as high as when I've taken Rick Simpson Oil, which is saying a lot.  My friend was unable to remember wtf she was talking about mid-sentence after a single gummy and I now understand why.  These are no joke.

Simple Cure gummy squares

After being in a foul mood all day due to head pain & Xanax after-effects, this is a welcome lift.  I feel high but not drowsy like I do with potent weed or Sativa strains & less dull/sleepy than after RSO.  These would be a perfect breakfast or brunch treat to make the day more interesting... just don't eat too many if you're not moderately tolerant already.  I could see myself getting WAY too high with only 2-3 of these bad boys.  The munchie effect is strong & I find myself laughing at stuff I normally don't find amusing, like old TV shows I've seen a hundred times.  To put it plainly:  I'm fucking ripped off less than a whole 10mg gummy.  Maybe 3/4ths of one.

The only downside is, like all sour or fruit-flavored products, these irritate my stomach & make my GERD symptoms worse which I expected.  Yet another reason I'm glad they're so potent & I only need to eat one.  Overall I give these Simple Cure squares a 4.9 of 5 stars for potency & overall quality.  Can't see myself bothering with other brands of cannabis candies after trying these.  They're much more discreet than the vape pod & great for daytime use in small amounts.  Wish I would've picked up another bag.  If my friend will trade me for an Indica square & I like those, I'll review a bag next time. 

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