Sunday, May 24, 2020

Lockdown Documentaries

Since most of us are still on lockdown, out of school for Summer break or otherwise "enjoying" extra downtime due to the coronavirus, I figured I'd compile a list of documentaries & docuseries I've watched over the years that my readers might dig.  Not all of these are drug related but I have seen at least one episode of all of them & can vouch for their quality.  All can be found online, many for free.  None of them star Joe Exotic.  🐯

Without further ado here's the list.  The title is on the left followed by the distribution company & a quick summary of the content.


Dark Side of the Ring - VICE (Tragic & scandalous details of the lives of pro wrestlers).

Psychedelica:  Psychedelics & Consciousness - Gaia (Scientific/historic look at the role of hallucinogens in human society).

Small Town Ecstasy - HBO (Follows a raver father whose questionable parenting tears his family apart).

The House I Live In - BBC (Excellent doc on the human impact of the drug war).

Trial By Media - Netflix (Cases in which media interference directly affected the legal outcome).

Unsung - TV One (Series on Black musicians whose stories haven't been adequately told before).

The Last Dance - ESPN (10-part biography on Michael Jordan & the Chicago Bulls at their peak).

Amazon Empire: The Rise & Reign of Jeff Bezos - PBS Frontline (Exposé on aspiring trillionaire Bezos).

My Perestroika - POV (Dark film on the last days of the U.S.S.R.)

Jonestown:  Life & Death of Peoples Temple - Firelight Media (Excellent doc on the subject of Jonestown featuring survivors).

Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends - BBC Two (Series exploring "weird" groups ranging from porn stars to Black Nationalists).

A Death in St. Augustine - PBS (Vibrant young woman dies unexpectedly.  Was it suicide or did her cop boyfriend kill her?).

The Case of the Frozen Addicts - NOVA (Doctor happens upon opiate addicts with rapid-onset Parkinson's caused by adulterated heroin which leads to medical breakthrough).

Boy, Interrupted - HBO Films (Boy with bipolar depression is filmed through his ups & downs, including suicidal thoughts starting at age 4).

The Age of AIDS - PBS Frontline (Multi-part doc on the AIDS epidemic from the early days through 2006).

The Crash Reel - HBO Documentary Films (Pro snowboarder Kevin Pearce's life-changing head injury & long road to recovery).

Who Killed Adam Mann? - PBS Frontline (Tragic look into the murder of 5-year-old by his parents & the failed NY child welfare system that allowed it).

Tear-jerking animal rights films:  Blackfish, Blood Lions & The Cove.

Wild music documentaries:  The Decline of Western Civilization: Parts 1, 2 & 3Gimme Shelter; The Last Days of Left Eye.


There are SO many others that deserve to be here that I've cut for time or can't remember.  Documentaries & biographies are pretty much my 2nd love.  Got a fave you'd like to add?  Drop it in the comments below!

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