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Allen v. Farrow: An Outsider's Verdict

Mia Farrow and Woody Allen with son & daughter (Dylan)

I'm not a fan of Woody Allen and don't think I've seen any of his movies (I've never seen 95% of mainstream movies so this isn't anything new for me).  Ditto Mia Farrow.  But this hideous scandal broke when I was a kid and was so sordid it stuck around rent free in my brain only to pop back up periodically over the years online or in the tabloids, most recently when daughter Dylan broke her silence with an essay accusing Allen of molesting her.  For decades, the story was passed off as the vengeful musings of a woman scorned--that Mia somehow dreamed up the whole scenario to get back at Woody for leaving her for her adopted daughter Soon-Yi.  That she managed to implant these memories in Dylan's head & turn all his kids against him (except two; we'll get to that later).  

For many years I accepted this as the more likely possibility.  Mia always came across as "off"--one of those Hollywood stars who could switch from ditsy to borderline psycho with the flick of a switch.  And my opinion of her as a person hasn't changed, but after watching the HBO documentary Allen v. Farrow, my opinion of the overall situation HAS.  I know these documentaries are not 100% unbiased so I've been scouring the web for everything I can find on the story and boy, have I found a lot to back up the movie's claims.  I've linked some of my sources in this article but I encourage you to do your own digging if you're truly interested in finding the facts.  Just be sure to see my addendum at the end of this piece.  

Counting Red Flags

1st Red Flag:  A man who is adamantly against having kids readily dating a woman who has SEVEN children.  Even Mia expected to have a hard time finding a match with that many kids and was shocked when Woody partnered with her so readily.  This wouldn't have been such a big red flag if he had wanted to be a father, but by his own admission, he was repulsed by things like changing diapers and made a point of living in his own separate apartment across town because he wanted to remain a "free spirit" and take no active role in parenting or even forming a relationship with the adopted children.  This was a childfree-by-choice man who wanted to put physical space between himself and Mia's seven kids.  He gradually warmed to them though and agreed to try for a biological child as long as he retained no responsibility for raising it.  This is not really a red flag for molestation but a definite sign of bad judgment on Mia's part.  You don't make a baby with someone who doesn't want to be a parent.  That's just cruel to the child.  

But she did try and, while they couldn't conceive her own biological child at that time, she was able to adopt one.  This time though, Woody told her to request a blonde, blue eyed white girl baby that he would actually care about and form a bond with.  WHAT?!  Insert Red Flag #2.  This implies two things:  #1, that he wasn't able to truly bond with the Asian kids because they didn't look like him (racist) and #2, that he had more nefarious reasons for seeking out a little girl child with those specific features.  So, stupidly, Mia adopted Dylan: a little girl who met all the criteria.  And Woody proceeded to form an obsessive, smothering attachment that caused the child to retreat into herself and become a different person in front of her family's eyes.  Red Flag #3.  

As the toddler grew into a child, there were many disturbing incidents observed by Mia and various neighbors, family friends and even Dylan's therapist (what 5 year old needs a THERAPIST?) that went unheeded, which constitute numerous Red Flags.  Incidents that involved Woody touching Dylan inappropriately on her buttocks, laying his head on her lap or cuddling naked with her in bed alone.  Red.  Flaaaaaaaaags.  But this was not enough to cause Mia to leave or report him to police.  What she did instead was take him to therapy--a psychologist who also failed to see his predatory behavior for what it was, likely because of his wealth and status as a famous (white) man of great intelligence and distinction.  The idea that he could be an outright child molester was apparently too much for even a professional to tangle with, though they DID admit his relationship with the child was inappropriately intense.  

Think about that for a moment.  What kind of sense does that make?  An "inappropriately intense" relationship with your 5-year-old that's not sexual in nature.  A grown man obsessed with one of his 8 children to the point it makes the child depressed and withdrawn and concerns the mom enough to warrant therapy.  A child he specifically requested the mother adopt based on her race and physical features.  BUT IT'S NOT SEXUAL.  MMM-KAY.  What IS it then?  

This was in 1990.  By 1992, Mia found the explicit nude photos of her adopted daughter Soon-Yi and the rest is history.  It was almost as if he knew the jig was up with Dylan so moved on to his next target.  For some bizarre reason, people use the fact that Woody and Soon-Yi have stayed together all these years as "proof" that he's not a pedophile or that it's a virtuous relationship which is ridiculous.  Especially when you consider that several of his movies (including a disturbing number of discarded scripts) contain plots of underage/teenage girls being groomed by older--sometimes much older--men.  It's clearly a theme in his pattern of attraction.  While there's a difference between teenagers and pre-pubescent children, he's obviously not going to make movies about outright pedophilia.  You do what you can get away with.  He's a smart, cunning man.  The smart ones don't get caught.  Especially those with means & clout.  

This damning Vanity Fair article contains more detail about the sexual abuse of Dylan and the judge that found Allen's behavior "grossly inappropriate" and stated that "measures must be taken to protect her".  A babysitter was instructed by Farrow not to leave her alone for any amount of time with him as well.   And if you want the entirety of the case in a nutshell, definitely check out the 33-page custody ruling here.  The judge sounds very sober and unbiased.  I learned more than I ever wanted to know about these people in those pages.    

Mia's Role

I must make clear that Mia Farrow is not the victim here.  She appears to be a child hoarder (14 kids she had in all) who neglected her youngest daughter and ignored multiple signs of abuse in the name of keeping a man.  That is, until she felt threatened by Woody sleeping with her adult daughter who she likely considered an actual "threat" to her relationship with him.  Once it was Soon-Yi he was targeting, that was a bridge too far.  But as long as it was "just" Dylan?  She was willing to overlook it.  That's beyond vile & she had no business having custody of FOURTEEN children, adopted or otherwise.  

I can't imagine what all these kids went through when this was going down because it's clear that neither parent had boundaries in terms of involving the kids in the "affair drama".  And I fear Mia treated Soon-Yi as a perpetrator rather than a victim, at least to some degree.  There are also claims of horrific abuse by her son Moses Farrow on his blog that can be read here.  It sounds as if the treatment of the Asian kids was quite different than the white ones.  Whether that's a fabrication of Woody Allen's twisted mind or a reality, I have no way of knowing.  But I have to take Moses at his word.    

That's to say nothing of her recording and repeated questioning of Dylan about the molestation which clearly disturbed her (she straight up said "I don't want to talk about it" in one clip).  Mia only went to the trouble of doing all this AFTER the Soon-Yi pictures were found, though she suspected Woody of having an "inappropriate relationship" with Dylan as early as 1990 when she pushed him into therapy.  Another thing the documentary conveniently skims over is that Mia hired the sleazy perv Alan Dershowitz as her attorney in the custody case.  We obviously didn't know about his Epstein connections back then but the man has been knee-deep in scandal for decades.  The number of people who voiced concern to her about Allen's behavior with Dylan before she left and ultimately had him reported to police is unacceptable.  


Woody Allen appears to be a child molester who got away with it due to his wealth and stature in the Hollywood community.  This is someone who wrote a movie script every year for decades.  He's not only wealthy and famous but quite brilliant.  It also appears that he has connections in the Ivy League psychology community that he might've reached out to during his custody battle, though that's just my speculation.  The Yale-New Haven Report that exonerated him was suspiciously biased and "sanitized" as Judge Wilks refers to it.  

Just because he never (publicly) offended against anyone else on a movie set or elsewhere doesn't mean he's not a pedophile or child molester.  In fact, the majority of child molesters AREN'T true pedophiles but situational offenders.  That would explain why he's been able to carry on a "normal" adult relationship for all these years without (publicly) offending again.  Situational offenders are people with impulse control issues who prey on the vulnerable--be they children, the elderly, disabled or what have you.  They may have a preference for a certain vulnerable group but they shouldn't be trusted in general because they're narcissists who care only about satisfying their immediate desires.  Contrast this with pedophiles who are exclusively attracted to children rather than adults.  

Allen's son Moses who now defends him has cerebral palsy and always desperately wanted a father, which Woody used to his advantage during the custody battle.  Never mind that Woody openly admitted to "not bonding" with the Asian kids and only wanted a blonde, blue-eyed female child.  And oh well about that whole 'sleeping with Moses's sister and breaking up the whole family' thing.  It's easy to forgive when you're desperate for a father figure and forced to choose between two embittered parents and divided sibling groups.  His experience is genuine but he's one of only two of the children who remain on good terms with his father today.  That speaks volumes. 

The fact that Mia Farrow is a negligent nutter herself has no bearing on Allen's guilt or innocence; in fact, predators often seek out such people to prey upon.  Single women with multiple kids.  He gave her parts in multiple movies so she became dependent upon him not only for the romantic "fix" but also for her career as a 40-something woman in Hollywood.  And she likely turned a blind eye to his vile behavior for the same reason--not just to "keep a man" but to keep her employment and status.  It shouldn't be that way; women shouldn't be treated so poorly in any field, but that doesn't excuse her practically offering up her youngest daughter for this absolute monster for years.  Allen v. Farrow skims over her role as enabler to a great extent but I'll let you make your own judgment there.  

The only victims here are Dylan and her siblings.  All of them.  Several of the others have died prematurely of suicide, drug overdose or other causes.  One has to wonder what role this event and other traumatic childhood events in the care of these people might have played.  There are no winners here except maybe Woody Allen, who has gotten away with the most vile crimes--both legal and moral--while maintaining a lucrative and prestigious career into his 80's.  He got away with the sickest of acts and made off with a much younger wife plus another child (Moses) who still buys his bullshit.  Any poor or minority man who did those things would be rotting in prison, and rightfully so.  Black people have been pointing out the disparity in justice between Black and white offenders like Bill Cosby/R. Kelly vs. Polanski/Allen for years, not to say that the Black offenders deserve leniency but that the white ones deserve the same punishment for their crimes.  

But it's highly unlikely that, at his advanced age with the allegations so many years behind him, that Woody Allen will ever face actual justice in the legal system.  And that's criminal in itself.  

(In my research for this article, I've come across a number of obvious astroturfing/PR accounts by Woody Allen's legal team, such as "" (lol) and numerous Reddit accounts that exist only to defend him when his name pops up.  This is par for the course with wealthy child abusers like the Jonbenet Ramsey family, Michael Jackson's estate and others.  You have to be extra skeptical of everything you read online in these cases because there's a good chance it's coming from one of those paid shill accounts.  They scour the web constantly and post shallow "defenses" of these people the minute something containing their name pops up and all the comments tend to sound similar.  I half expect to get some comments from these trolls myself because I used the magical combo of words "Woody Allen" and "Dylan Farow scandal" or someshit).    

Soon-Yi and Woody with their 2 daughters 

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