Wednesday, February 27, 2019

[Review] - Suver Haze from Oregon Top Shelf CBD

Items:  High-CBD hemp buds; various strains
Location:  Oregon, USA
Price:  $7/gram
Rating:  0.5 of 5 stars

Suver Haze

I received an email from this vendor in my spam folder & cautiously opened it to find that I'd purchased from them before on eBay.  I've even written a review on their stuff before.  (See here). Turns out eBay is not allowing the perfectly legal sale of hemp flower even with the high-profile passage of the Farm Bill of 2018.  Bummer.

Being that I was quite pleased with them previously, I decided to go ahead with a 2nd order, this time a different strain from their website which displays more options & information than was available on eBay.  There were 5 yummy looking strains to choose from--all of which were "on sale."  Neato!  I went for the one with the highest CBD content--Suver Haze.  Suver Haze is described on the website as "an infusion that keeps its effects creative & inspiring yet physically calming & relaxing."  Nice.  Let's see if she lives up to that description, shall we?

No, we shan't.

Turns out my order was seized by law enforcement en route to my address.  USPS tracking told me as much.  This caused a great amount of distress for me, as I've NEVER had this happen in all my years of ordering things overseas & otherwise.  Now a domestic order of legal hemp flower has been seized?  And law enforcement is involved?!  Great.  Fucking great.  >>Insert anxiety attack here.<<

Status of order

I contacted the vendor & let him know immediately.  To his credit, he refunded me in full & apologized.  The package allegedly contained the lab review showing that the hemp was compliant (which I believe because my previous order from them contained this paperwork).  I don't know whether the packaging was insufficient & got ripped open in transit or if it could be smelled from outside.  I suspect it said something like "Top Shelf CBD" on the label somewhere, which tipped off the Postal Inspector.  They're probably on high alert for this sort of thing since it's Oregon--a legal cannabis state.  My Paypal statement also said "Top Shelf CBD" which is a problem because Paypal doesn't allow CBD or hemp sales.  Definitely not stealthy.

As stated in another post, law enforcement clearly does not know the difference between legal hemp flower & actual marijuana...nor do they appear to care.  I could choose to contact the Postal Inspector about this & try to get my stuff back, but for a gram of CBD buds I'm not about to enter that territory.  They can keep it.  At least I got my money back & am not in any real trouble.  But this experience was a pain in the ass.  I went on a frantic cleaning spree of my house to make sure there was nothing illegal or questionable in my possession and ended up throwing out all my excess hemp just to be safe.

Lab analysis allegedly included with my order

I'd say half the blame goes to the vendor & half to the law enforcement system that relies on feelings rather than facts & science.  If they were to actually read the Farm Bill & check the paperwork showing the THC levels in this hemp, which are within legal limits, they'd see that no crime has been committed (aside from them stealing my order).  I get the "it looks like pot so it's pot" argument, but actually the law says it's not pot.  And the law is what determines legality...not the taxonomy of the plant.  The THC levels are what count; not the look or smell of the stuff.  If their field testing equipment isn't precise enough to measure the actual levels of THC, how is that my fault?

Answer:  It's not.  And it's not the vendor's fault either.  Nevertheless, I won't order from this vendor again unless they tighten up their operation significantly.  The stress was more than I bargained for.  There are too many hemp & CBD vendors to bother with those who haven't mastered the art of stealth packaging.  The first order went flawlessly & the hemp was great quality, and they refunded me as soon as I contacted them about this, so I give this order a 0.5 star rating overall.  I think they could become a force to reckon with once they work out the kinks but for now I'm not impressed with the stealth of their billing or packaging.

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