Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Can You Tell Which of These Buds is Federally Legal?

Bud #1: 
Bud #2: 
Bud #3: 
Bud #4: 
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Go ahead.  Look them over.  Can you spot the one that's legally designated "hemp" & contains only 0.03% THC?  If you guessed Bud #2, you're wrong.  That's low-quality marijuana.  The correct answer is Bud #1, which is a hemp strain called Cherry Wine.

The point of this post is to highlight the pitfalls of the fledgling hemp industry for customers & vendors alike.  While hemp is technically legal everywhere under the Farm Bill of 2014 (and the more recent 2018 Farm Bill), these buds look and smell indistinguishable from top-shelf marijuana, which means you are likely to get arrested if caught with them in an illegal state.  You might be able to get your case overturned with the help of a lawyer, but not everyone has the money or wants to deal with the stress of having their car/house searched or being taken away in handcuffs.  So be discreet when using these products. 

Law enforcement needs to educate themselves on the changing face of the hemp/CBD business, but we all know that happens at a snail's pace.  So buy these products at your own risk.  Insist that your vendor include a lab analysis sheet that shows the THC content is in accordance with the law & packages your buds securely so as not to attract unwanted attention. If you're a vendor of these products, cover your own ass by using transparent labeling that tells EXACTLY what the product is and isn't.  Don't use sophomoric gimmicky names that evoke drug use on your products, as that's sure to bring trouble your way.

Low-THC hemp buds are rich in CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that kills pain & has mild relaxing and anti-psychotic effects.  They contain few or no seeds & smell strongly due to their potent terpene profiles.  They're particularly useful for people looking to benefit from the medical aspects of cannabis without the mind-bending effects of THC.  Despite their low THC content, you could still fail a drug test after using these buds because they are cannabis & still contain trace amounts.

Feel free to share your experiences with these domestic hemp strains in the comments.  I've tried several & am a huge fan. 

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