Monday, February 19, 2018

What's the Deal With: Agmatine Sulfate?

Agmatine is a supplement that's marketed largely as a bodybuilding aid for some reason.  Perhaps it boosts strength or weightlifting ability--I'm not sure.  I started taking it after hearing that it enhances the effects of kratom by reducing tolerance.  After my first 4-5 doses I was not impressed.  If anything, the only effect I noticed was increased itching after taking 750mg.  I've only tried the Hard Rhino (lol) brand so far but there are others that are equally good according to reviews.

lol wut

But with continued once-a-week use, I was able to see a huge increase in my energy levels the day after taking agmatine.  It also reduced the amounts of my daily stimulant & kratom that I needed to take by about half.  Considering how long I've been taking these substances daily, that's a big deal.  I suffer from lethargic depression, inattentive ADD & chronic fatigue, so this increased energy is also pretty huge.  I found myself enjoying things like shopping while agmatine was in my system when normally I'd rather slit my wrists than go into a store.  This effect is delayed by a day so I take it the day BEFORE going somewhere for it to take effect.  But it's one of the most effective supplements I've ever come across.

So why not use it every day, you ask?  Several reasons.  First, it's another thing that costs money & I'm poor.  Secondly, we don't really know the long-term safety or what possible interactions it might have with the other barrage of odd substances I take.  And finally, I'd hate to ruin a good thing by over-using it.  I already have done that with kratom & stimulants by taking them day in and day out--I mean they still do good things for me but not as good as the first time, obviously.  I'd prefer to save agmatine as a once-in-a-while boost for bad days or as a treat for when I'm feeling bored.

My brand
There are really no side effects to speak of for me.  The taste is bitter but not terrible if you wash it down quickly.  Doesn't upset my GERD or IBS at all.  The typical recommended dose by most users is 500-750mg three times dailyI take 750mg once weekly.  Best to start on the low end when trying new supplements. 

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