Wednesday, August 5, 2020

That Time I Tried: Chaste Tree

Full Disclosure:  IT WAS AN ACCIDENT.  When I was a teen addicted to weed without a steady reliable supplier, I stupidly sought it out in the wild which resulted in a lot of misadventures that could've ended worse than they did.  One of these saw me picking some of the following pot lookalike plant from a neighbor's yard, drying it & smoking it in a desperate attempt to get high:

Chaste Tree (Vitex Agnus)

...did I mention I was a stupid teenager at the time?  

Yeah.  This was long before dispensaries existed so to be fair, the weed I bought DID look about that shitty.  To my credit, a man in Georgia had his home raided for growing this very plant on the mistaken belief it was pot.  D'oh.  

I tried smoking both the leaves & a few flowers if I recall correctly and absolutely nothing happened besides some throat irritation.  But I'm lucky that's all.  I've heard tales of allergic reactions in kids who tried smoking the wrong plants.  In my area poison ivy, oak & sumac also grow fervently & resemble cannabis to the (very) untrained eye.  Not nearly as much as Chaste Tree but still.  Ragweed is even more similar & grows about as tall as a typical Indica.  Wouldn't want to get hold of that.  

Another pic without the flowers

Will share some more one-time drug experiences with y'all in the future but I think I'll end this one here.  Don't smoke or eat random plants, kids.

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