Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Summer is Stimulant/Empathogen Season

Unto every season there is a drug; unto every drug there is a season.  Summer is stimulant/empathogen season.  Stimulants are energizing & boost focus while empathogens have some of these effects plus a warm, euphoric edge that opens the heart to increase empathy.  Summer is the season of fun & games, adventure, travel and long, hot days.  Stimulants are the ideal fit for this time of year as they promote passion, energy & a desire to explore.  While these drugs can have addictive potential, they help many people medically (ADHD, narcolepsy) and are good fun when used responsibly during the summer months exclusively.  Just be sure to stay hydrated and take rest breaks to avoid overheating.  

Don't react well to stimulants or empathogens?  All good.  Boosting dopamine with a high-protein meal, vigorous exercise & some uptempo Electronic tunes will get you in the right headspace.  And there are less potent alternatives like caffeine, kanna & coca that will give a smaller jolt of energy without the extreme effects if taken in responsible doses.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter @BannedintheUSSA for tons of empathogen & stimulant posts all summer long.  

Never stop shining~  🌞

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