Wednesday, September 9, 2020

That Time I Tried: Salvia

I was a dumb, bored teen--about 18--who would much rather have been smoking weed but couldn't get any without hanging around absolute losers & wannabe gang bangers, so I decided to order some dried salvia leaf online.  This was back when people were first discovering its psychoactive effects en masse around the early 2000's before the highly potent extracts became popular.  Thankfully.

Dried salvia divinorum leaf

I tried salvia leaf several times both orally & smoked but I'll tell of the time I stupidly drove out in the country & hit the pipe.  (Never, EVER drive while intoxicated.  This is dangerous & you have no right to do it.  To my credit, the salvia high only lasts a matter of minutes & I waited until I was completely sober to drive back home but it still was irresponsible since I was alone).  I'd already experimented with smoking salvia in my room at home so I kinda knew what to expect (not much).  Salvia HURTS in a way weed smoke doesn't.  It's harsh & singes the lungs and throat and only works when you hold it in for a long-ass time.

I parked on a hill around sunset hoping for something similar to my first time smoking weed in a cemetery which was magical.  I lit up a fat bowl, hit it deep & held it in for about 20 seconds.  The effects I actually got were a brown-tinged visual field that looked somewhat bent.  Sort of like I was looking through a fish eye lens.  Not much to write home about.  Kinda felt lightheaded too.  No euphoria or deep thoughts.  Blah.  Nothing like what you see on Youtube with the kids giggling or freaking out on the extracts.  It was almost like a deliriant where you're disoriented more than anything.  And no afterglow.

Fresh flowering salvia

I've tried using salvia leaf orally a few more times over the years as a migraine treatment without much luck.  I know shrooms help with cluster headaches & thought why not?  Again, I've never touched the potent extracts.  If you've had a crazy or interesting salvia experience, share in the comments below.  Definitely check out the Youtube salvia trips if you haven't...they're way more entertaining than this trip report.

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