Saturday, May 1, 2021

[Review] - Cannabis Flower: Lilac Diesel

A rarer member of the famous Diesel family, Lilac Diesel is a balanced 50/50 hybrid with a THC content in the 20% range.  It was created by Ethos Genetics in Colorado by crossing Forbidden Fruit and Silver Lemon Haze with NY Cherry Pie and Citral Glue.  Ethos is said to have a Fort Knox policy with their seeds, which means you're unlikely to ever snag a Lilac Diesel bean to grow in your own garden unless you find a stray in your bag.  Sorry.

The buds are medium-stout in structure with a complex, fruity aroma and floral undertones.  No actual lilac or lavender notes though, just the mildest hint of flowers or sage under all that Skittles goodness.  Somewhat of a Taffy or other sour candy smell--good enough to eat.  Again, these strains have no cannabinoid or terp info on the container but Lilac Diesel is said to be rich in terpinolene according to  

Photo #2:  Lilac Diesel

The first time I tried it, the day was almost fairy-tale like:  no wind whatsoever (rare here), clear blue skies and even a monarch butterfly fluttering around to complete the aesthetic.  A perfect Spring day.  And this was the ideal strain to complement it, bringing my vision into crystal clear focus while relaxing my mind in that melty way that's similar to Colombian Gold (but not as tweaky thanks to the indica genes).  This strain leans more sativa than indica though to be clear.  Disappointingly, my mood faded into a pretty 'blah' space after returning in the house and the high turned out to be somewhat mediocre.  Bummer.  
The next trial took place in a more adventurous setting:  on a morel mushroom hunt way out in the forest (translation: on some guy's land 5 miles from my house).  This time the high is more euphoric and beautiful with less of a weird comedown.  I find myself laughing at everything and having a hard time thinking straight.  Like, a really hard time.  But a good time nonetheless.  This strain really brings out the beauty of nature and goes perfectly with pretty Spring weather.  It also causes munchies like a mofo, though they're not entirely uncontrollable if you really try.  
I'd recommend Lilac Diesel as an afternoon pick-me-up for anyone with depression, anxiety, low appetite or nausea as well as those with mild to moderate pain conditions.  It definitely complements the outdoors and works better in that setting, sort of like mushrooms.  I think that was the difference between the two highs:  outdoor vs. indoor setting.
Overall, I give Lilac Diesel a 4.7 of 5 stars for aroma, effects & uniqueness.  It's different, rare and sure to be a hit with Diesel lovers, though the smell isn't very gassy nor lilac (but still fragrant af).  The effects, though, are in line with a true Diesel in the creativity and energy department but with a uniquely dumbfounding & giggly effect.  

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