Thursday, July 4, 2019

[Opinion] - Holiday Whine & Cheer

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Can we have just ONE holiday where nobody bitches or makes it about them?  It seems everybody on both sides of the political spectrum has at least one holiday they make a big deal about protesting (read: whining about on social media) every year.  It's getting old already.

We know pets & vets are startled by fireworks on the 4th.  We're aware of the terrible things Columbus did & why Columbus Day is "problematic".  We know many of you spend Halloween looking for costumes that offend you so you can raise a stink--that some of you think there's a War on CHRISTmas & are certain the commie non-believers want to take over with their "Happy Holidays" inclusiveness agenda (🙄).  And we've all seen how racists act about MLK Day & throw a month-long tantrum during Black History Month.  Ditto for Pride Month.

The question is: why do you have to piss on other people's Cheerios?

Why can't you just personally--and quietly--not celebrate these holidays on your own time while letting others do as they wish?  You know, like a mature adult would do?  If you don't like it, don't participate.  That's as far as your rights extend.  And if for some twisted reason you're mad about having the day off for ANY national holiday...there's something wrong with you.  Seriously.  Days off are a precious commodity in a country that neither guarantees paid sick days nor parental leave for workers.  ('Merica).  So stop trying to screw it up for the rest of us, K?  Nobody likes a Debbie Downer.

Righteous indignation doesn't make you right.  It almost seems like a competition between liberals & conservatives to see who can be most offended by the most holidays.  Telling people how to dress, celebrate or greet each other on these holidays is fascist regardless of your political affiliation.  I get that you think your cause is worthwhile (in many cases I agree) & you're just "educating" people, but it comes off as condescending & bitter.  The world doesn't bow to your whims & desires (or mine).  Remember that the next time you're posting a tired meme about how "__x__ holiday" is soooo offensive/problematic/hurtful.  We've heard it all before anyway.

Fly your flag high, salute it or burn it.  Set up your nativity scene using any color Jesus you choose...or don't.  Spin your dreidel, bang your drum on Indigenous Peoples Day, raise awareness for whatever cause you hold dear... Just don't weaponize it & put a guilt trip on people who celebrate differently than you do.  Those differences are what make America what it is.  We have enough legitimate problems facing our country.  The last thing we need is our few designated holidays being turned into pissing contests.

Lighten up, America!

~~~ Forbidden Fruit

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