Friday, September 18, 2020

[Review] - Cannabis Edibles: Pot Pops

"Red" Pot Pop

After reviewing a ton of Dixie & Simple Cure products, I thought I'd branch out simply for the sake of having some new material for my loyal readers (that's you).  So I picked up a Pot Pop, which is a lollipop containing 50 mg of THC.  The flavor isn't listed on the bag so I didn't know what I was getting but I ended up with "red" which was my second choice.  This is the highest milligram THC edible I've ever purchased, at least as a single-piece unit.  Everything else has been 10 mg candies.  So it's harder to gauge how much is enough for a single dose.

My first attempt with the Pot Pop was in the evening after coming down from the Strawberry Cough high.  I popped it in my mouth for about 20 minutes & turned it over a bunch, probably reducing it by about 1/5th of its original size.  I didn't take any bites.  And thank god I didn't.  It tasted pretty good for an edible so I was tempted to keep sucking on it longer than I probably should have.  And this time the effects didn't kick in instantly like they do for me with gummies, so I had no idea how high I would be later.  A real "this edible ain't shit" situation. 

I ended up right on the border of 'too high' and 'panic attack/need a Xanax'.  Luckily I was able to calm myself & just get by on my normal sleep aids (Valerian root, Unisom & melatonin) but it was a close call.  I still feel somewhat out of it the next morning but not too bad.  On the bright side, my tolerance has gone up as a result of this and I'll probably be able to smoke more comfortably to complete these reviews of the flower.  But I won't be mindlessly sucking on Pot Pops anymore. 

Overall rating:  4.8 of 5 stars.  Getting too high was my fault.  It's a good deal for the money ($12.50 for one pop) & tastes better than many edibles, plus it's convenient and discreet.  And it WORKS.  Boy, does it ever work.  Pot Pops come in Red, Blue & Yellow from what I can gather, though the flavors aren't listed on the bag for some reason.  That's the only thing I'd really deduct points for.  But it's not a huge deal.  It seems that hard edibles take longer to kick in for me than soft gummies & the like which is interesting.  Will keep that in mind going forward.  


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