Friday, September 18, 2020

[Review] - Cannabis Flower: Chocolope

Chocolope is the offspring of the world famous--and now extremely rare--Chocolate Thai landrace crossed with Cannalope Haze.  The result is a Sativa-dominant (95/5) hybrid that's won numerous awards in the High Times Cannabis Cup & other competitions.  The flavor is said to be unusual due to the way its Chocolate Thai parent was grown in nutrient-dense soil used to grow coffee.  Wikileaf lists Chocolope as a morning strain that's great for wake & bake purposes.  Average THC content is in the 19-23% range.

My cut contains 22.1% THC & is rich in myrcene, limonene & caryophyllene.  The dispensary was selling it for $5 per half-gram so that's what I got.  The smell is mostly citrus-y until I break up a nug, then the earthiness really comes out.  After reopening the jar a few days later, the chocolate smell finally makes itself known.  Sweet!  A strain that actually smells like its name and isn't just 'citrus' or 'skunk'.  There is something of a coffee scent to it but not exactly.  The hue is very light green with stout triangular shaped buds & a thick dusting of white trichomes.  To be honest, this looks like weed I usually don't enjoy based on the color & the high limonene content but I'm going to put my prejudices aside until I've actually tried it.


The pic isn't blurry, it's just THAT white due to all the trichomes and the glare of the lights.  I roll her up in a marshmallow joint to bring out the sweet flavor, hoping for a s'mores-like experience (lol).  The buds were hard af to break up by hand & resulted in awkward little chunks, so again the joint looks pregnant & lopsided.  I like to reserve my grinder for hemp only.  But the dry job wasn't terrible. 

The high was quite unique & enjoyable.  Long-lasting too.  I had moments of breakthrough joy, which is rare for my depressed ass.  Especially during a week like I've had.  It made me want to pause & enjoy my surroundings, talk to cats & tune out the bullshit (in this case, my amped up mother who's in one of her manic/mixed states).  After about an hour I ended up eating two bowls of Corn Pops which brought me down a bit but I was still surprisingly high from half a joint.  I saw several people say Chocolope is short-acting on Leafly but that was not my experience.  

Chocolope joint

Overall I give Chocolope  4.8 of 5 stars  for uplifting effects, bag appeal & aroma.  The taste was nothing to write home about--kinda similar to dirt--but the smell was legit milk chocolatey.  Now I want to try Chocolate Thai though that's unlikely to happen since it's so rare.  Chocolope seems like a great fit for those with depression, low appetite or anyone looking for an afternoon/social strain.  

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