Sunday, October 11, 2020

Attention Spammers:

Please stop leaving bullshit spam links & comments on this here blog, k?  They will just be marked as spam & deleted.  You're not achieving anything subversive.  Nobody's visiting your site or buying what you're selling.  This isn't the place to hawk your supplements, illegal drugs or whatever else.  This is a review site; I don't sell anything & am not going to buy any of the crap you're selling... at least not when you leave endless spam links in the comment section like a tech illiterate bot.

If you're a legit, serious vendor of legal highs or supplements & would like me to sample & review your product, DM me on Twitter @BannedintheUSSA or leave a non-spammy comment under this article with your email attached & I'll get back to you when I see it.  Otherwise, bugger off.   


The Management

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